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04-04-2021, 05:33 PM
Removed these from my 2016 Fuzion 420 just after taking delivery new and been in storage ever since so never used. Few dings from moving around but otherwise good condition.

These were installed between my walls which have 95.5in between them. The height from my ceiling to floor where they were installed is about 107.5in. They sat on my dovetail so this height is obviously on an angle so was just fairly close to the center and the rails that attach to the wall are thus already cut at an angle for the dovetail.

The actual width of the doors is only about an inch. The rails that attach to the wall have a 4in wide flange so this should be all the room you need behind existing patio kit or the rear gate if no patio kit to install these. That area will need to be solid to screw the rails to the walls.

The door hinges on each side screw into the floor on the bottom and into the door header at the top.

These are actually really easy to install if have the proper dimensions as just some self tapping screws needed. It does seem there is an inch or two of width of adjustability in total width of the assembly when closed from what I can tell, but could also add wood/metal to your wall if yours is wider. There is also a large about 18in header/spacer at the top to accommodate the dovetail and high ceiling, so could also potentially cut this down with some creativity or add wood/metal here to if have higher.

Located in north Phoenix, AZ. This stuff is too big and awkward to ship so needs to be local pickup. The 700 is firm and I don't haggle so don't ask for lower. This is a fraction of what one of these costs new.

Have the install guide or it can be found on the Lippert/LCI website if search web for "three seasons door support"

The pics I took below show it laid out for assembly, how the doors slide into the wall rails, and the wall area they were installed into on my Fuzion 420.

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