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02-19-2021, 06:24 AM
My 341RD has the Bal NXG frame. My question are these better then lippert frames? I see a lot of videos of people adding the Mor Ryde Xfactor cross beam to a lot of frames. But reading about the Bal frames, it seems they are sturdier. Would I still benefit from the Xfactor or would it be a waste? I'm going to be doing the cre 3000 upgrade when it warms up. I got the cre 3000 33. I hope thats the right one. I measured 59 inches for axles. Thank you

travelin texans
02-19-2021, 09:13 AM
I don't have any experience with the Xfactor cross braces, but do have experience with several of MorRydes suspension upgrades & impressed with everyone of them as far as quality, ease if installation & end results. To quite honest if doing them again I'd do the Xfactors regardless of brand of frame, it can't hurt.

02-19-2021, 09:34 AM
The BAL NXG frame is constructed of "stamped steel components assembled using HUCK fasteners. HUCK fasteners are essentially "bolt on or screw on rivets". The NXG frame is typically used on the ultralight trailer series.

A "Lippert frame" is constructed of "rolled and formed steel components assembled by welding them together". The "Lippert frame" is typically used on heavier, larger trailers.

Most of the "stronger, lighter, more technologically advanced" claims come from the BAL sales brochures, not from independent testing agencies.

Is "one frame type" better than another frame type??? That's much like asking are uni-body automotive frames "better than" chassis rail frames ..... Is one "better than" the other ??? For the most part, it depends on how you define "better than"...

In some applications features of one type may outweigh the other type, while in another application, the other type frame may provide better service.

It's not a "single factor consideration" and in some trailers, the NXG frame "shines" while in other trailers, the Lippert welded frame "shines".

As for which aftermarket parts will fit "YOUR" frame, I'd suggest you find the frame model/number and contact MorRyde Customer Service to make sure you have the correct parts before attempting to disassemble the trailer. There are a couple of applications (mostly wide axle suspension systems) that simply do not have aftermarket parts available.