View Full Version : 2nd AC unit on a 2016 26RBI

01-29-2021, 09:36 AM
how is best way to install a 2nd ac in bedroom. it is not prewired.

Texas Steve
01-29-2021, 09:52 AM
Do you have 50 Amp or 30 Amp service for your trailer?

01-29-2021, 10:07 AM
it has a 30 amp service.

Texas Steve
01-29-2021, 10:33 AM
Your not going to have enough power to run 2 A/C's at the same time. You might either try a portable A/C unit plugged into an extension cord and into the CG pedestal, or replace the rooftop A/C unit with a 15K unit. Looks like you have a 13.5K unit now, and the 15K will be a direct replacement.

01-29-2021, 11:11 AM
You will need to brace the hole where your bedroom vent is located. You will need to install an electrical box on a stud near the bracing and use an A/C with controls on the lower section (no thermostat). You will need to run electrical cable across or through the ceiling and down the wall (or inside the wall) and across the bottom of your camper to a 20A plug so you can plug into a campground pedestal using an extension cord.

The alternative is to use a portable A/C. Many claim that an A/C with two hoses (one for intake and one for exhuast) is best. You will need to fashion some sort of facia for putting in a window where the window shuts on the facia and install your hose outlets. I have a 14K btu portable I set under a window and it only has the exhaust which I exhaust out the window in the manner described. I use a heavy duty extension cord to connect to a 15/20A power pedestal outlet when we camp.

I found that if I put an A/C on my bedroom roof, the roof slants forward right in front of the vent and I wasn't comfortable about it sealing on the roof.

01-29-2021, 11:22 AM
Our unit unfortunately is 30 amp also. When we purchased it I went with the optional 15k unit and am glad I did. While it's an 11% increase it does help. The temperature is manageable but requires diligence in keeping doors closed, windows with direct sun blocked with an extra cover (we use a dark towel).

With a 30 amp shore power I doubt the vent roof vent will be blocked to support a second a/c unit. Several reports of members using the "portable room" units report successful results in high heat areas. For us, we don't go very deep in the south in the summer but schedule those trips for more temperate months of spring and fall.

01-29-2021, 01:24 PM
FYI: I also upgraded my Dometic Duotherm Brisk 13.5K btu unit to a Dometic Brisk II 15K btu unit. It might have made a bit of a difference but not noticeable in triple digits. What did help was putting 80 percent film on the windows which blocks UV rays and a lot of sunlight. I put one of those over priced foil things on the camper door. I found that the windows were a real bit source of heat in the cabin and the window film helped a lot. We did go through the air duct system to make sure there were no leaks from A/C to vents and put in sun blocks in the vents and this helped more than the 15K BTU unit. I replaced the original as it was a 2002 unit. The 14K BTU portable got us over the hump so summer camping isn't a misery. We can keep the cabin in mid 70s F during triple digit days.