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11-03-2020, 05:42 AM
I have a 2018 Bullet 220RBI that we bought last year and have been lucky that weíve had very little problems in our 5 trips. 2 trips ago the awning LED lights stopped working so I got the ladder out and took a look. Seems the ( Orange ) positive wire soldered connection came loose so I just taped it back together to get us through the weekend. Forgot about it but the past weekend it went out again. Took it apart again ( noticed the area was blackish in color but would still come on when touched with the power wire. Tried to tape it but to no avail. I have the same type on my boat that I just installed and knew I could just go to the next circuits area,(cut on dotted lines)and reattach the power wires. So I cut the strip shaved back the contact areas and attached the wires with tape. Nothing happened so I put on my 12 volt test light nothing, then test buzzer nothing so I got out my multi meter found no voltage ??? Had wife check the switch and it was on but the light inside in switch wasnít on either. Checked the fuse with meter it was ok ,checked other ones around it just to make sure it was labeled right all good. However a small red light on the fuse panel didnít come on when I removed the fuse on the LED one? Didnít want to take the control panel off and test the switch while on a trip but I donít know where to look anywhere else but wonder if thereís another fuse somewhere else ? Iím not electrician but I worked in the marine industry for a major boat manufacture starting in the grinding room up to regional sales manager. Iíve done complete boat restorations as well as installing electronics on a lot of friends sport fishing boats but this one has me puzzled ??? ( if anyone has any type boat related questions I can help just PM me and if I donít know someone on my web sight will )
THANK YOU for taking a look.

11-03-2020, 10:24 AM
I reread this several times. It's difficult to unpack the information when you have one huge paragraph like that. With that said, there shouldn't be a second fuse but you never know.

Does the lioght strip have any sort of remote control? If not, I'd start by pulling the switch to see if it's powered. If it isn't back check it to the fuse panel. Having a poor connection (taped) is asking for trouble. The discoloration of the wires where they were "taped on" would be an indication of a bad electrical connection and arching. Arching causes carbon which makes the load increase (increased resistance = increased amperage draw) according to Ohm's Law.

After you find the cause of the power interruption I'd recommend soldering or otherwise properly connecting the LED strip to the poer wire feeding it.

11-03-2020, 12:23 PM
I think the red LED indicators in the fuse block only light up when the fuse is blown AND there is a functional load at the other end of the circuit.

11-04-2020, 05:21 AM
Thank you for your response. Sorry for rambling on I tend to do that when I write on my iPhone.
As it stands now I will pull the panel and check the switch first. Need to find the the source of the power problem first before fixing the LEDs.
I totally forgot about the light problem when we got back before we went on our next trip. Yes I will remove the LED strip and solder the wires on my bench ,test and reinstall. If it doesnít work right Iíll replace the light.
All ideas welcome ,hoping not to have to pull a new wire.:banghead:

12-11-2020, 03:42 PM
Just a up date on the LED’s . Behind the 12 volt switch panel there are 4 in line large fuses . The one running to the lights was blown so I soldered in a whole new set of LED’s that now provide a lot more light as the slide covers 3/4 of the original. So it’d a 12 volt item is not working look there because it isn’t in there manual. Happy holidays

12-11-2020, 06:23 PM
Good you got it worked out...