View Full Version : Darco on the under side of slide and trailer

10-12-2020, 04:57 PM
The bottom of my slide has a pretty good gouge in the Darco about 5 inches in from the side wall. Some of the black fibers are cut and you can see some wood fibers. Doesn't run the full length of the bottom of the slide. I don't know if it has rollers, glide bar or friction bar for the slide bottom support. I have read some have installed UHMW on the bottom of the slide. I'm sure different methods work better than others based on you slide having rollers or bar. I saw a product called DUO Form slide out ski. Has anybody used them? They do make sense. But are they durable enough. I think other methods you would have to pull out the slide. I have only used this trailer 4 times in the last year, its still under 1 year warranty. I would rather fix it myself than trust someone else. Not sure what they would even do, even if they said it was warranty. They might say debris got under it (maybe it did). Even the fasteners have pulled thru the Darco wrapped wood on the outer edges of the trailer. What makes them think that the screw wouldn't damage the Darco on installation. Not very waterproof.

10-12-2020, 05:27 PM
Koda, TURN IT IN TO WARRANTY!!! Have your dealership document the damage and turn it in. I am, at this very minute, in conversation with the Keystone service group about darco and its failures. They claim there are not a substantial number of claims about the darco during the warranty period. Help yourself and everyone else and file the claim. Darco needs to be replaced with something else but won't unless we make our voices heard....and I yell a lot.

Fixing the darco yourself can be done - it may work forever and may not. There have been several solutions by quite a few folks. Most done by those out of warranty. A full, proper repair is expensive. I've had uhmw strips installed on a trailer and they work. They should never have been required in the first place...the battle I'm waging at the moment. Turn it into your dealer and have them turn it into Keystone warranty - I'm having that conversation this evening.

Logan X
10-12-2020, 07:01 PM
Maybe this doesnít specifically apply to your situation, but it is on the same topic. I was having some wear issues on the Darco under the slide. I started sweeping the floor and under the lip of the slide before I bring it in. Since I have been sweeping, for about a year and a half, the wear on the Darco hasnít worsened. Iím pretty convinced the Darco was being gouged by small rocks and etc on the floor of the camper.

I agree with Marshall, in your case, file the warranty claim.