View Full Version : Best brand of cordless vac

08-23-2020, 01:54 PM
Want one that I can mount on the wall in camper

08-23-2020, 02:08 PM
Bought a Dyson, wife loves it

08-23-2020, 04:52 PM
Dyson is what’s put in some units from the factory.

08-23-2020, 05:50 PM
Asking out of pure ignorance but I pulled up Dyson cordless vacs (DW has corded one) and saw that if actually using a vacuum head they discharge in approx. 8 minutes of continuous use?? If so I figure I would be replacing a Dyson and a window....??

08-23-2020, 06:03 PM
Web info misleading. Only runs when you hold down the trigger. I have a huge house and vacuum all the rooms in one charge. We have dogs, and it's great on pet hair too. Wish I could afford an extra to keep in the camper. Love it!

08-23-2020, 08:55 PM
Several years ago, we gave up on the built-in Intervac in our rig and purchased a Shark Ion Flex 2X. This vacuum works great, has two batteries, so one can be charging while using the other. Rarely do we ever need to go to the second battery.

08-24-2020, 02:53 AM
Dyson is what we use in the RV's and the house.