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08-19-2020, 05:23 PM
I need to do some maintenance on the roof of my 2008 VR1 travel trailer, no issues yet with leaking (and don't want any) any suggestions on what to use?

08-19-2020, 06:27 PM
A 2008 probably has an EPDM roof membrane. You can verify that by removing the plastic garnish ring from one of your roof vents. Once that plastic ring (4 screws to remove) is down, you'll see the roof membrane, cut diagonally, and stapled to the vent wooden bracket framework. Pull one piece away from the wood and look at the reverse side. If it's white/tan on top and black on the bottom, it's EPDM... If it's the same color on both sides, it's TPO, which wasn't used by Keystone until around 2011/2012.

If it's EPDM, then buy self leveling DICOR sealant for the flat/horizontal surfaces and "non-leveling DICOR sealant" for the vertical surfaces (tail lights, window frames, door frames, awning rail, etc)...

Scrub your roof with Dawn/warm water, rinse thoroughly. Any areas that look like they need sealant, use 409, Fantastic or a similar cleaner, allow that to dry thoroughly, wipe the areas where you'll be applying sealant with alcohol, let that dry and then apply the sealant. It will remain "sticky" for about 2 days before it "skins over" but it will remain pliable and will "glue things together" if it gets on a slide seal or on a door frame or window frame. Be sure to leave any slides open if you seal the slide roof. It may take as long as a month or more for the DICOR to completely cure.....