View Full Version : Cougar 33MLS Wiring Issue

08-13-2020, 07:54 AM
Hi all. We love our 2017 Cougar XLite 33MLS. We had a blowout on our last trip and didn't get too much damage from the shrapnel, but after that the DVD player and light from the outdoor kitchen quit working. I do not see any damage to the wiring connecting the slide to the trailer near the wheel so it may not have anything to do with it. Everything else works. Using a multimeter I can tell there is no power to the white/green supply wires running to them but I cannot find where that wire originates. All fuses and circuits are working fine with none blown. I'm at a loss on what to check next and I honestly do not know where the inverter is to check that since I'm sure it's involved somewhere down the line.

08-17-2020, 11:38 AM
The converter is located behind the fuse/breaker panel. Should be four screws holding it in at the edges. Keep in mind, there is live 110 behind there!

08-17-2020, 07:31 PM
I suggest finding the white with green stripe wire in the fuse panel and change the fuse for a new one. Just making sure that that isn't the problem. Other than that one fuse I can't imagine a fuse somewhere else that would control both the stereo and the light. If the fuse in the fuse panel is good, I think you're looking for a broken wire.