View Full Version : Got SPIKED 220

07-08-2020, 12:28 PM
I was at my 2nd RV Park this year and hooked up to their 50 AMP pod. After about 5 minutes in side the trailer I noticed the microwave display screen was blank.
Long story short I didnít have a surge protector and now most of my 12I volt systems Are down. Refers and electric H2O are working. All outlets are reading 8.46 volts when testing neutral/hot but 120 volts ground/hot. Leading me to believe I have a neutral line open. Iíve tested both hot legs coming into my 2000 watt GOPOWER inverter and out looks good too!
At the main power panel Iím good on both hot legs to neutral as well.
Itís only when I switch on the two receptacles as when the line voltage drops to 8.6 V from 120 V. Shutting those two breakers off restores 120 V reading from the two sourced 110 lines from the inverter into the 50 amp breakers. Good at both sides of the bus bar as well.
My dealer technical department says to remove all the outlets and inspect them for a burnt an open ground so I began opening up seven or eight receptacles and have not found any problems yet.

07-09-2020, 10:24 AM
Skip the surge protector and get a electric management system EMS instead.