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Camper Herb
07-06-2020, 03:08 PM
My wife and I have a cougar 2020 cougar 26 rbs and simply love it.
I would like to talk about tire pressure monitoring systems. We are on our 2nd 2,000 mi trip and like the followers os this page I bought Goodyear endurance tires, which are a wonderful product. On our journey back from Iowa , we live in Texas, we hit something and my tire monitoring system immediately let me know which saved any damage to my trailer. My point is donít stop just because you bought good tires a tire monitoring system will save your trailer(period) I did not mention a particular tps system because a simple search will lead you to whatís correct for you. My point is if you can possibly afford one get it it is worth the money and then some.
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Camper Herb

07-06-2020, 03:23 PM
Thanks Camper. I think some understand the value of a TPMS if they have towed much but many don't. Sharing your experience is very helpful. You might edit the title of your thread to include tpms so folks would know what you are speaking to. And welcome from W. TX. My son used to live in College Station.

07-06-2020, 05:20 PM
If this thread is about the "hidden values" of TPMS, here's my input:

We have a TPMS system - once we leave the yard, I sort of forget about the thing - it will wake me up when it has something to say. So, we were boondocking for a few days. We pulled into our remote camping spot, set up, and had a great time camping & riding our SxS's. The day before we had to go, I began thinking about the hooking up process - decided to move my truck around to the front of the trailer where I could easily just back in to hook up the 5er. In the process, the TPMS system (TST-501) alerted me to a flat tire. Turns out, as we were parking, I ran over a 3" long wood screw! We have a hydraulic leveling system (Level-UP) which carries most of the trailer weight when parked and there was no visual indication of this flat tire!

Had I not had the TPMS, I would have waited to the last minute, hooked up, started to leave, and found a flat tire. The early warning provided by the TPMS allowed me to deal with a flat tire in the camp at my own convenience and timing. So, now my hookup checklist includes a 24 hour startup before departure and a TPMS check of tires ahead of time.

So, we love our TPMS!

07-06-2020, 05:33 PM
What's that old saying... "Never Leave Home (camp) Without It."

I have the cheaper TireMinder that monitors 4 tires, it's windshield solar charging, or USB powered. It allows me to see all four sensors (psi and temps) at the same time without selecting a particular tire. Until I change these new tires to a better, more reliable brand, I watch this TPMS constantly. Yes it will alert me if pressure drops suddenly, but if there's a slow leak, I want to know sooner.