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06-22-2020, 08:17 AM
Fully automatic, sliding 2700 SuperGlide , designed specifically for short bed trucks. Includes lippert adapter plate for the 5th wheel.

With this hitch, you can turn 90 without issue of hitting cab. Sliding is fully automatic, so there's no getting in and out of your truck to throw levers before and after turns like you have to do with other manual slide hitches.

Easy to remove without the need for tools. 2 pins to remove head; 4 pins remove entire hitch.

If you already have a truck with industry standard type rails, you can easily install or replace your old fifth wheel hitch a SuperGlide

Also available from Pullrite is an adaptor for use with latest OE puck system, gives a clean bed installation. or you can instead have installer prep the truck for about same cost .

This hitch was gently used for towing 10k trailer, hitch is rated for 16k. We got a long bed truck and don t need this hitch, so come and get it. Southern California area.

Why buy this? It is less than half the price, and as good as what else you can buy. I will give free advice on installing, what you save more than pays cost of installation on your new truck.


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