View Full Version : Where can the leak be from

06-18-2020, 04:19 PM
I have a 2018 282dbh no problems with it at all for the first two years. This past weekend had a big rainstorm while out camping and woke up to a lake on the floor.

Thankfully it kept raining the next day and found a small leak coming out of the kitchen window but also noticed it coming from between the floor and wall. So thought the window seal maybe so pulled it apart and kept tracing the water back to the top of the window pulled back the panel and the puddles came pouring out.

Figured it was the seal on top of trailer but the rubber roof comes right over the edge and secures in next to the rain gutter. So now I am stumped with ideas where it can be coming from.

Any help would be great.

Pictures attached.

06-18-2020, 07:46 PM
I had a bird bath in the kitchen floor behind fridge it was out side plug cover leaking water down the wall to the middle of the floor . I had the 50 amp service plug with bad seal leak water .