View Full Version : For Sale: Dehco Dishwasher

Pete C
04-06-2020, 02:41 PM
Brand new Dahco RV Dishwasher, DSS WQP6 3305 US, came out of our 2017 Keystone Alpine 3900re. Only used once or twice. The wife wanted the extra storage space so I removed it. Don't really know what it's worth but saw one on ebay for 700.00, we will take 550.00.


View this ad at Keystone Classifieds - Dehco Dishwasher (https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/dehco-dishwasher-148)

https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/148/thumb-120x90-3e1421a77d50fb853cac5249cd42edb6.jpg https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/148/thumb-120x90-2a10e8c542e4e02645acf39b5d053e13.jpg https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/148/thumb-120x90-d6fbd3594181637cf17cee3b0f201c63.jpg