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12-07-2019, 10:20 PM
Ford trucks F150 450 OEM Trailer Mounted Camera With Tire Pressure Monitoring System Part No: HC3Z 19G490 J Complete kit.

This kit came with my truck but I already have a trailer camera and TPMS


New 7/12 way vehicle side trailer tow connector

Trailer side wiring harness 15ft

Trailer connector docking station

Trailer Camera, Housing and Bracket 49 camera harness fits 35 ft trailers

Misc mounting hardware

Only install the Trailer TPMS sensors on J type flange wheels with a width greater than 3.5 in 88.9 mm .

The Trailer TPMS sensors are only compatible on wheels with 0.452 in 11.48 mm diameter valve stem hole.

Vehicle Notes: To add the Customer Placed Trailer Camera or TPMS kit to a vehicle as an accessory post delivery , the vehicle must be equipped with the Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System

Asking 850 CDN or 650 USD

Shipping cost extra.

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