View Full Version : Can't find leak source.

10-10-2019, 11:22 AM
We bought a used 2009 Springdale 266 and I've discovered a slight leak in the bedroom area and I can't find a source. The carpet below the passenger side window gets damp when it rains. The window seal and drains are good. The wall is solid, the door is dry and I can't find any other area that is wet.

Has anyone had any experience with something like this? I've pulled the outside window seals and cleaned the track area all around. The weep holes are clear. The previous owner had a new power awning installed last year and I was thinking that maybe where the awning is mounted to the outside wall that rain water was getting in where the bolts/screws go through the wall.

10-10-2019, 12:31 PM
Water can travel a long ways before it hits the carpet. I would be on the roof looking very close at all the seams and seals.

10-10-2019, 01:32 PM
The roof was resealed last spring. I've been up there to look it over and everything looked good. I guess it won't hurt to do it again though.

10-10-2019, 01:53 PM
Check the roof as Chuck suggested and I'd take a good look at the front pass thru storage door as well. Let us know what you find.

10-10-2019, 02:18 PM
I've checked the pass-through storage door on the same side and it is dry. There is a little moisture around the frame of the storage door on the other side though. I'm replacing that seal.

10-12-2019, 09:16 AM
I'd make sure there is butyl tape and Dicor non-cash on the bolt holes for the awning.

10-13-2019, 05:55 AM
Thanks for the response. I was going to look at that next. The new awning was installed by an RV shop not too far from me. They have a good reputation but you never know.

10-13-2019, 06:45 AM
If there is no evidence of "long term leaking" and a new awning was installed last year, I'd focus on the new awning installation as the source of a "newly identified wet interior". While the installer may have a sterling reputation, even those kinds of "reliable repair service" are still human and can make an error.

If the trailer is "old with no history of leaks" and now has a "new leak", I'd focus on what's been done in that area recently....

10-13-2019, 08:37 AM
Agree with John, If you didn't have a problem before and now you do then the first question is what has changed/been done in between. If the answer is "nothing" then start with a logical progression of elimination of "probable" or "known issues".

10-13-2019, 05:27 PM
So I looked at the mounting screws for the awning today. There was butyl tape installed between the awning and the side of the RV. The sealant around the screws appeared to be sloppily installed. When I removed the bottom screws they were rusted. So I cleaned the old sealant off, put new sealant in the screw holes, reinstalled the screws and then resealed around the screws. I did this to the middle set of screws too but they were clean with no rust. We'll see if this fixes the problems.

10-13-2019, 06:48 PM
The 2009 Springdale 266 is a wood frame trailer. If there has been a leak (no matter how small) for over a year (since the new awning was installed) then I'd urge you to watch the frame members in that area very carefully. It only takes a small amount of water to destroy the insulation properties of the fiberglass insulation and that same amount of water can cause significant damage (rot) over a year to the luan paneling (hard to see with a casual inspection because of the vinyl covering on the inside surface). I'd urge you to very carefully inspect the area for water damage and to keep an eye on it for advancing damage from the exposure.

10-13-2019, 07:00 PM
I will do that. The interesting thing is that the "leak" was just a dampness on the very top of the rug. It didn't even go to the mat of the rug. We only detected it because my wife was walking in the trailer in her socks. I've checked the floor and there isn't any delamination or softness nor is there any staining or softness on the Luan. The window channel above the damp spot was plugged and the weep holes were not working. I fixed that too.

I appreciate all of the advice everyone has given to me. This winter I'll be replacing the old linoleum flooring and while I'm doing that I'll be inspecting all the subflooring for any water damage.

10-14-2019, 04:12 AM
I'd suggest replacing those rusty screws as they will continue to rust further and expend the hole until it will eventually fail.

03-28-2020, 05:36 PM
Was this ever resolved. Sounds like the same issue I'm having except our floor is very wet and the wall feels damp on the interior just behind where the vertical awning mount is on the exterior

06-01-2020, 03:27 AM
Found our leak. It was actually along the front roof seam where the rubber meets the fiberglass. The caulk developed small cracks that were hard to see but after covering with 3" tape, the leak is gone. Hope this helps!