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09-09-2011, 04:17 PM
Name is Chase I have a 2006 Sprinter 291BHS

09-09-2011, 07:17 PM
:wave: Welcome to the forum. I think you will find a lot of info here and perhaps share some of your experience too. Travel safely, Hank

Movin' on
09-10-2011, 04:16 AM
Weclome Chase. :thewave:

Joe from WV

09-10-2011, 09:56 AM
Weclome Chase. :thewave:

Joe from WV

Thank you guys. Any tips or suggestions you guys have. I haven't been camping since I was a kid. I loved it then and wanted my kids to have the same memories.

On another note I have the roadtrip coleman grill now but I am thinking about doing the Weber Q. Does anybody have any feedback.

09-10-2011, 11:55 AM
In a word (or two or three) BUY A WEBER! Lots of them out there -- haven't spoken to anyone who doesn't like the BBQ. Try the Weber 100 or 200. Excellent quality and results. You won't regret it.

09-10-2011, 08:39 PM
I have the Road Trip , almost impossible to keep lit in the wind :mad: .... Buy the Weber :thumbsup:

09-11-2011, 12:52 PM
We've our Weber Q (I think 200 model) for about 6 years now.........

No problems at all. We hook up external tank though since we use it for prolonged periods of times often.