View Full Version : For Sale: Raptor Recliner

06-28-2019, 10:49 AM
This is the heavy duty recliner that came in my Raptor toy hauler. Custom logo to match. Very solid, works perfectly. Round base with rollers for ease of moving around. It's in great shape with few signs of minor wear. Slight discoloration on the corner that may clean up but I have not tried. I'm selling because it's too big for my smaller RV. Denver area.

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https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/63/thumb-120x90-637d29b372905dfb9b8ec36d1998dcd5.jpg https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/63/thumb-120x90-f59354a769d817733c3eb73aacc71c80.jpg https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/63/thumb-120x90-803f7a4f73535aefa321d61d0c7d72d9.jpg https://www.keystoneclassifieds.com/uploads/files/us/63/thumb-120x90-a65961167b80aa23e503ca8b192f83c0.jpg