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09-07-2009, 01:42 PM
We have a 06 Montana 3400. We do belong to another Keystone Forum ..The Montana Owners club.We go by richfaa on every forum we belong to so I don't get confused. Spouse is Helen. We are both retired and we are
"Long timers" We winter in Florida, or where it is warm, and travel the country. This Montana is our 5th Rv all different brands and our 1st 5th wheel. Yes we have had some problems with our 3400 as we had with all our RVs but we are satisfied with the service from Keystone customer service and the Keystone service center. WE look to forums such as this for help, advise and undertand that bashing a product helps no one. We have over 30K miles on the 3400 and use it hard. All things considered it is serving us well.

Oh..Our Tv is a Ford 08 F-350, 6.4L,CC,LB,Dually.

09-07-2009, 03:11 PM
We extend a welcome to "new sort of" members as well as new members. By what you have said in your post, you are certainly not new to RVing but only to your first 5th wheel. Our members are only too glad to support you in any way they can as well as looking to your experience and expertise to support those who are new to RVing. We appreciate your comment "bashing a product helps no one". Looking forward to your participation. Richard