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07-27-2009, 06:49 AM
Hi, we are from South Arkansas and have just made our first camping trip with our 2008 Hornet 29BHDS. We had a grand time and are looking forward to our next adventure...just as soon as we get it back from the dealer after having a leak in the superslide during a horrendous storm. Everyone I talked to the next day at the campground said they also had a leak so it may have been from high winds....maybe???? Anyway we bought a 2009 Ford F150 5.4L and 3.55 ?rear ratio?...can you tell I don't know what I am talking about...Anyway...our new truck pulled it like a dream. We had air brakes installed and it has all the fancy sway bars and stuff from the factory. We had no problems whatsoever pulling her up pretty steep grades and only used quarter tank of gas getting her home...we forgot to check how much we used getting her to the campground (fully loaded)...we were too nervous pulling her the first time (coming home from the dealer when we bought her she wasn't loaded :)

Hoping to have many many wonderful camping experiences and we do know that there will be some that won't be quite so wonderful...but probably memorable :) :D

07-27-2009, 08:09 AM
Welcome Nanaof4boys to our great forum.

We are sure you will have many, many enjoyable camping trips.

Even when they're boring - at least you're NOT HOME!

We have a lot here in S. Fla where it is just rain, rain, rain.......
like this past weekend.

So we just sit inside and think - "Man, I gotta cut that grass when
I get home.........." and then again, it can wait!

Enjoy your new trailer check in often, and please contribute frequently!

Jody a/k/a/ AntiqFreq

07-27-2009, 08:21 AM
Thanks Jody, does your username indicate you are an antique freak who loves antiques? If so, we do too! From looking at your sig photo I think our friends we were camping with have the same RV you do! It is a nice one!

Re: rain. The night we had the horrific storm while camping we were with some camping friends at Walmart about 20 miles from the campsite when the storm cropped up unexpectedly and we all looked at one another and in unison said " EEEEEEEK ....our awnings are out! Lets fly!" So we hurried back to camp and found everything totally soaked under our canopies over the picnic tables but nothing was damaged and our awnings were both intact on both RVs! We were fortunate. If we had been down on the water we'd have lost 'em....as those who had theirs still out and were on the water did! Tore them completely up. We have learned a valuable lesson...if you are going to leave the campground for more than an hour...put the awning down...oh...and buy a weather radio! It rained all night after we got back to camp and we discovered our leak the next morning when hubby stepped on wet carpet! :(