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10-20-2015, 05:50 PM
Hubby wanted and got a good price on a Mach 3 PS this fall, so we are selling the original rooftop A/C unit off our 2014 Cougar XLite. It's a Mach 15, so 15k BTU, model #48254C966. It was lightly used for 2 summers, works great and is in good shape. We would like $300 for it.

I'm thinking it would have to be mostly a local MN sale, or someone willing to meet in MN to pick it up because I was told it would be about $250 or a more to ship it due to size and weight. We do get down to the Cities quite often and also down towards southwestern MN.

And for those who are scratching their heads over replacing a 15k AC with a 13.5k. Well, when we bought the camper it was sold to us as having a 13.5k AC, and it was only tonight that I found out different when I went to take pictures for this post. Oh well...

10-20-2015, 05:52 PM
And here's a picture of the tag inside the unit showing its a Mach 15. My iPad wouldn't let me put both pics in one post.

04-26-2016, 02:05 PM
Just wanted to bring this up since it is spring time (I think :)). We get down to the Cities quite often, and southeastern MN and south central/western MN fairly often if someone would want it.

04-28-2016, 11:36 AM
I did an 13 to 15k upgrade on a Jayco a while back and the AC sold quickly on local Craigslist.. Likely you'll have to explain that it requires a thermostat and is setup to be a "ducted" unit - or they'll have to buy the lower panel if they want it to work in a different configuration.

04-29-2016, 05:15 AM
Sent you a PM.

05-23-2016, 08:46 AM
Do you still have this AC for sale or has it sold?

05-23-2016, 08:16 PM
It is not sold yet.

05-24-2016, 09:12 AM
I think I sent you a PM but it is not showing up in my sent messages. I tried to send it again so I apologize if you get it multiple times.