View Full Version : 4.5" Radiance LED lights (screw-mount) $7/each

10-06-2015, 05:17 PM
These are $15 at Camping world and $30 at Amazon.

These are "good batch" lights - confirmed by serial number and talking to ITC.

FYI: 69240PPNS-15-3KE is the part number. The "E" is the good series.

Pleasing warm white (3,000K) light output, 260 Lumens
Power saving LED Technology, 5.8 Watts, .43 Amps
MacAdam Ellipse color control technology ensures no color difference between fixtures
Excellent thermal management - 50,000 hour estimated LED life
Powder coated white can w/ a frosted glass lens
3.5 mounting hole size

They look like this:

I've got 11 of them for sale, I'll sell them for $7 / each and ship as many as you want for $6 total shipping cost.

I'm keeping 6 for myself, but haven't lost one of these since I had to replace all the factory LEDs.