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03-29-2011, 02:51 AM
If you ever find yourself on US 54 between Guymon Oklahoma and Dodge City Kansas stop over night in Liberal Kansas at the Western Star RV Resort. No office, a young lady named Nancy who lives and works on the active cattle ranch (I think she's the owner) will come by after you choose your site and collect $25 dollars (cash or check) for full hook ups from you at your site. All the sites are big rig pull throughs. There is a Morton building club house with two 15 X 15 bathrooms with showers, a pool table, hot tub, book exchange, free WIFI and pleasent conversation. Nothing fancy just a nice place to stay over night 8 miles out of town in what use to be an old hay field along the road in middle America. Oh yeh, Nancy won't be around in the morning when you leave because she's busy with her cattle who are all having calves this time of year or she putting up hay in middle America where there's no earthquakes, tsunami's or radiation. Almost forgot, Diesel is $.70 a gallon cheaper than California. No pictures, it's a Hay Field in Kansas:D

03-29-2011, 01:42 PM
Hey Ruffus
Keep up the good work on keeping us informed of great spots to check out!
Gotta love CA....we're heading out of there Thursday.
Have a safe trip...

03-29-2011, 05:45 PM
Ruffus -

I'm originally from the area of Oklahoma near Liberal. There are times which the area is quite nice. However, you shaved it pretty darned close. Personally, I wouldn't recommend camping in the Liberal area (or the TX/OK panhandles) starting about now until June. I can say this since my family survived a tornado that struck Alva, OK in the mid-1950s. Even at 4 years old, I have pretty vivid memories as it passed above us while we hid in an old storm cellar. Combine that with living in a mobile home while attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman - where the National Severe Storms Research Lab was located three blocks from the lab I worked at . . . Yes, I do watch the shows about the tornado storm chasers on TV, but having lived it - I'll skip going back. Yes, at times of the year, this part of the country is wonderful! Visit Black Mesa in the northwest part of the OK panhandle, but I would skip it in April and May!