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02-02-2011, 09:08 AM
Hi Y'all,
This is our first winter in our Montana 2010 BigSky and first time on this forum.
Our Big Sky has the so called Arctic Package and we have not had a problem until last night when the windchill reached -4F. We woke up to the sound of our water pump running and no water in the coach. I had filled the tank the night before and shut off the city water and depended on my Arctic Package fresh water tank to keep us going with water.
Has anyone experienced this problem and whatever to you do to fix it?
Happy Trails,

02-02-2011, 09:59 AM
Hi Mickey
I'm in a 2011 Alpine and have the exact same issue right now. I've been without water - hot or cold - for three days now and am about to check into a hotel so I can take a shower!

If you read through my recent threads on here (but particularly on RV.net) you will find many people have offered excellent advice on this very problem. As soon as the weather gets out of the single digits, I'm going to try some of their suggestions.

You might want to call Keystone directly about this issue as well. I expressed my dismay yesterday to a customer service rep at the unit not delivering what it explicitly promises in regards to low temperatures. Mine, for example, is meant to be good to -4. I froze up at around 20.

I'd be interested to know of any fix you find and also whether you suffered any damage. Best of luck.