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01-31-2011, 05:42 AM
Just picked up a used Passport to see what this campin stuff is all about. Actually I got it to save on hotel rooms for when we travel to kids out of town sporting events. It is an 07 Passport 200QS. We have two kids and two adults so I think this floorplan will really work for us. The trailer had basically zero use and still had plastic on everything. It had been sitting in owner driveway since 07 so dry rotten tires will have to be replaced and a good wash and wax is in order. It is still pretty cold here in TN so when the weather turns I'll check out more closely. I know nothing about campers so I'm sure I will pump everyone for info lol. Lookin forward to gettin into this thing so I can post my own quirks and problems/fixes. I did use the forum a bit when searching for floorplans and reviews. Tow vehicle will be a Dodge 1500 w/360 and if it can handle it an 05 Nissan Pathfinder with tow cap at 6000lbs. The trailer weight is 4015 empty with tounge at 300lbs so we'll see.

01-31-2011, 10:09 AM
Welcome to the forum. I just traded a 2008 Passport 280BH for the Springdale that I now have. You should have no trouble pulling that Passport with either of those vehicles. Mine pulled great with the Tundra and also with the Tacoma that I had prior. Your welcome to visit my homepage which is Passport oriented and download whatever you like, I placed all the manuals for the appliances there including the slideout with videos. To access it just click on Flyguy at the upper left of this post and follow the drop down menu to "visit flyguy's homepage". Good luck! PS- if you know of anyone that's looking for a good used 2008 Passport you can find my trade here: http://rvworldofgeorgia.rvusa.com/2008-keystone-passport-280bh-GA-i248608 See Russell Lankford at the dealership an tell him I sent you, he'll only charge you double.

02-01-2011, 05:14 AM
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your 'new to you' Passport.

We hope you have many years or camping adventures!