View Full Version : Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution w Sway Control

09-03-2014, 11:53 AM
Strait-Line Weight Distribution w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW (paid $475.00 new) used but in good shape.

Upgraded to the Blue Ox BXW4010 Signature Series Clamp-On Style Rotating Latch in place of flip up brackets (paid $275 an amazon). Never Installed these are like new.

Unique Features of Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution
The easy-to-use, serrated washers on the Reese Strait-Line system make adjusting the tilt of the weight-distribution head a snap. This is a huge improvement over the standard pin-and-washer method, which involves piling washers - one on top of another - onto a difficult-to-access pin. The serrated-washer system lets you easily loosen, adjust and tighten a single washer and nut on either side of the head for simple, secure positioning.

Asking $350 in Tampa Florida