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01-14-2011, 06:58 PM
Hi all just stopping in to say hi
First time trailer owner,
I am in the process of looking to purchase a used TT and have been looking at the Keystones

Looking at something close to 30' with bunks, a Springdale or Cougar

Could someone help me with the differences in the two models?
I was told the studs are metal on the Cougar and from looking at the interior it look like the doors have raised panels

I am looking at 2002 and newer
Are there any years I should stay away from?

I have a 05 F350 Crew Cab Diesel to pull it with (Will I need a weight distributing hitch?)

Thanks in advance for any help


01-14-2011, 08:45 PM
Jason, Welcome to the forum.
There is a RV show coming up the end of the month in Edison. It is a good place to compare all makes and models for floor-plans that will fit your family. Leave your checkbook and credit cards home ..... You are just there to look :eek: and find a floor plan that works for you. Since you are looking to buy used, do some homework on local dealers that will be able to service or supply parts for whatever you buy. A good dealer is very important to making you happy with your purchase.
While at a show get all the brochures you can carry so you can compare makes and models at home. (Most manufacturers have them available on line too)

As for the WD hitch .... yes, you should have one for any TT you tow. They make towing safer and more enjoyable.

JM2¢, Hank .... from the beautiful Jersey Shore (Buried in snow right now with ocean temps a refreshing 34°F :D )