View Full Version : Alpine 3640RL full time in the winter

12-17-2010, 11:59 AM
Got our 2010 about a 2 months ago and are going to winter it out in an old park in south west Michigan. Did it in a 99 Terry last year but got a bit of cabin fever and decided to upgrade. With interest rates and buying a year old new model we couldn't go wrong. Love the bedroom because it seems like a real room with room to dress and walk around the bed. The walk in closet has LOTS of room. The island in the kitchen gives needed counter space but doesn't lock you in a corner.Only issue is getting heat to the rear the fireplace helps but the celing fan goes too fast for such a small space. All in all we'll see how we make out when winter really arrives.


12-17-2010, 12:19 PM
Some wall t-stats will let you run your furnace as well as the fan portion of your a/c. By running the fan on your air conditioner this will recirculate air through out the unit, it will not bring outside in just recirculate air with in unit thus heating entire unit. Make sure to leave all interior doors open if possible this will help as well. So if t-stat has a auto/on switch for fan put it on "on" and at low speed and this should help. Good luck