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Ethen Alan
11-01-2010, 02:52 PM
Hey Everyone,

We have just signed a deal on a used 2007 Cougar 281 BHS. It will be parked on a permanent campsite in BC and we are looking forward to the new year so we can start using it.

We are new to RV's and it's taken a while to find a bunk model that had the price and condition we wanted...We ended up buying from a dealer and have obviously paid a small premium, but they were willing to negotiate and I think the end of the season helps with that.... We searched Craigslist and have looked at many private deals and most looked nothing like their ads read. I'm not sure if some people really believe what they say, or just push their luck?

The dealer has been upfront in saying they do not provide any warranty on a used unit, but we've done a detailed walk through and will do another in a few weeks time when we take delivery. This will be to ensure they have sorted out the minor things we noticed. Any advise here is appreciated.

There were a couple of very small tears in the roof membrane right on the corner of the roof and the side that need repairs ( pic attached ). It rains a lot here in BC and there is no smell of moisture or any sign of damp in the unit, so I'm not too concerned that it's a major problem. I also climbed on top of the units for sale on either side ( ours does not have a ladder ) and inspected the roof in its entirety. It seems to be in very good condition.

I belong to a lot of forums ( photography, cars, boats etc. ) and I know they can be problem solving areas, so people often perceive this as a major fault with a particular brand or product. I'm also guilty of only posting when I have problems, but will try and report some of the better stuff we enjoy with our unit. It is after all going to be our home away from home!

Cheers for now!

11-01-2010, 03:06 PM
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your "new" purchase. We have an '08 Cougar which is pretty much identical to yours except for the floor plan. Before you drive it away from the dealer's lot, you should obtain a PDI checklist from this forum. One of our members, Flyguy, has one and you can go to his website and download it and take it with you when you do your final walk through. (see note below) Make sure everything works to your satisfaction -- everything!
The small tears in the roof membrane should be repaired asap. You might try to find out how long they have been like that and double check for soft spots, bulges, dampness, etc. all along the entire wall. Water can find its way in - even in those small tears and travel to all sorts of places away from those tears.

(Note: Flguy's webpage: http://www.eaa1358.com/Passport . Scroll down and click on Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist.

PS If you have any further questions or comments, please post them in a more appropriate category now that you have checked yourself in.