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08-19-2010, 07:03 AM
I don't know how the rest of you feel about it but for us it's getting harder and harder to do the traveling we really would love to do because of the rising cost in gas/diesel and the rising cost of the campground fees.

I remember a few years ago when we could do a 1000 - 2000 mile week trip and spend less then a $1000.00. Now days we can't even spend a 3 day weekend 100 miles from home with out spending almost $150.00 just for the campground. I have watched campground prices around us go from about $20.00 a night for full hook-ups to well over $40.00 a night and even as much as $50.00+ a night. I understand the economy has had an effect on everything but does it substantiate rising the cost of a camp site 2 to 3 times?

I could see if the campground was adding new adminities or expanding but the large majority of these places have really not done a thing in improvements. For example: A popular campground that we "used" to camp at has been bought out by a large national chain. It used to be about $28.00 a night for full hook-ups and a very well kept campground with good security. Now the cost has gone up to about $45.00 (non-holiday) a night for full hook-ups and they do not manage the place that well (loud late partying, fights, etc.). I know there are solutions to these problems like doing your research on the campgrounds you are going to be staying at, checking into stays at state and national parks which can normally run you around $25.00 a night, or even getting a seasonal site.

I'm sorry for getting on my soap box but I have always believed camping was supposed to be fun, stress free, relaxing, and cheaper then staying at a hotel. I'm just wondering how other people feel about the rising cost or has the cost not gone up in their area? I know no one likes the rising cost of gas/diesel or anything going up. Are there people out there that are as frustrated as me? Thanks for everyones time and allowing me to vent a little.

08-19-2010, 09:51 AM
Most of us are old enough to "remember the good old days" when everything appeared to be so much cheaper. Fuel, food and campground fees all seemed inexpensive. Prices of those things today have, with most everything else, risen. I know what you are saying but I am trying to keep these rising costs in perspective and not let them get in the way of the time we spend away in our RV. We all have enough stress in our lives without getting uptight every time we buy groceries, fuel up or pay campsite fees. I have little or no control over what I have to pay so why get frustrated and annoyed?
It seems that owning, operating and using an RV is close to, if not equally as expensive, than holidaying by car and motel. Most of us here have opted for this - RVing - kind of vacationing for good reason. We enjoy it and find it relaxing.
Can't say that I am "annoyed and frustrated" with the rising costs of camping. I guess I am just one of those who are resigned to the fact that if I want to camp this is what I will have to pay. So, after having paid my camping fees and get set up, I sit down and have a cold beer --- relax and smile a lot.

08-19-2010, 10:29 AM
When we camp, we always consult the Woodall’s guide for pricing and contact information, we use either our AARP or Good Sams card for discounts when we can get them and when camping in the national parks we use our Golden Age passport card for a 50% discount on the camping fee (no hookups), all of this helps but I agree that the cost has gone up. National parks are the best deal but you have to learn how to dry camp.

Jim W
08-20-2010, 03:53 AM
I know what you mean by the rising cost of camping, but I think this is still the lowest cost method of taking a vacation or get away for the weekend.
Try taking a weekend at a resort of some type instead of camping. I would bet that your cost for the weekend would be double or more then the camping weekend cost are.

Another thing we do to keep our cost down is try using COE camp grounds. These are federal parks that are maintain by the Core of Engineering for the US government. Most of these parks have water and electric at their sites and some even will offer full-hook ups. Sites are level and will except most 5er or motor homes. If not the web sites will till you a large of a unit is permitted.
We stayed at Lake Powhatan in Asheville NC. a COE park with full-hook ups for $29.80 a night this June. Then is Nashville TN. we spent $20.00 a night for a site with water and 50 AMP electrical site another COE park.

Here is the web site that I will use to find COE parks. http://www.recreation.gov/welcome.do?topTabIndex=Home

Another site I use is RV park Reviews to help pick the lowest cost park but yet one that we would be willing to stay at. Here is the web site. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/

08-26-2010, 11:12 AM
I just had a similar revelation. We were planning to camp for Labor Day Weekend at a campground in Louisiana. Their holiday rate is $54/night for 30 amp and water. No sewer, no jumper box use for 50 amp. We cancelled!

The average for full hookups, 50 amp, in South Louisiana is around $45 for holidays.

I opted to camp at my hunting land for the cost of fuel in the generator and we will visit the local festival for entertainment.

09-05-2010, 03:16 PM
Since we fulltime since 2/16/10 - I know othe cost of camping!

More then we budgeted for but sometimes you need power & sometimes you need a laundry and sometimes you need TV.......

We are stilling enjoying our fulltiming and will probably settle down in another 9 months to a year - then it is back to the hubby getting a job and getting another 'residence' other than the camper!

Hate spending all that money (children's inheritance) but we ARE having fun!

The west coast was the most expensive, and now we are heading east and south again and hoping that since the summer is over that things will get a little cheaper.