View Full Version : Trip to Death Valley, stayed in Beatty, Nevada

03-30-2013, 11:58 AM
Spent a week in the Death Valley area and stayed at great little RV park in Beatty, Nevada, close to a 100 yeasr old ghost town called Rhyolite.

Blog trip report (http://loveyourrv.com/exploring-death-valley-national-park/)

Driving into Death Valley your stuck by a sense of grandeur and desolation. The bottom of the valley is covered with either sand, stone or white salts and is surrounded by rocky mountains. The place is seemingly devoid of life or anything interesting. It is not until you get a little closer that things begin to appear. Small plants and shrubs clinging to life, beautiful colored rock outcroppings, delicate and interestingly patterned salt deposits, and here and there patches of greenery where underground springs surface and life explodes.

Cheers Ray




Mike Fender
03-31-2013, 07:35 PM
November 2012 spent 9 days at Stovepipe Wells. Drove the full length of Titus Canyon with our F350 (CrCab,LB,DW,4WD) made it exciting. There is LOTS to see and do. Enjoyed the trip so much that we spent a week at Furnace Creek this past February, this time renting a Jeep and driving to Chloride City and the Mono Mine (ghost town) because our rig is way to big for some places. We drove to Beatty for fuel both trips. Highly suspect that I'll return again this winter.