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Old 04-26-2018, 06:04 AM   #41
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sourdough, Howdy;

If all fails try giving these folks a try, they go to the trailer and this is their
specialty, they do a "Power wash" and return the tank to as near as new as
possible. (usual disclaimer, I don't work for nor have I any interest in the company)
If I remember Texas is the home State for these folks, well, at least 3 folks that have a franchise ...

Best of luck


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I have a wife who likes to use copious amounts of TP. I have told her multiple times that if we get clogged up because of it I was going to make her do the unclogging. I bought a couple rolls of the single ply read through it paper and told her to cut back on the TP use or this was going to be what we had to use from now on. That worked somewhat...lol. She refuses to use the campground restrooms so I had to do what I had to do.

There are some folks on here that don't think you need a squeaky clean black tank.......that is until they get clogged up. I always use the tank flush with every dump and at the end of the season I also use a wand through the toilet end and it most always gets more stuff out of the tank over just using the tank flush. The clear fitting on the tank drain is a must too.

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I camp with a wife and two daughters I learnt long ago that they cannot put toilet paper in the toilet, garbage only. I would rather take that to the trash daily than deal with a clogged black tank. I as well use the tank flush after every trip and wand at the end of the season. I keep flushing until I get no residue coming out of the clear attachment. 15 seasons and 4 rv's no issues. Fingers crossed.
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My handle rusted shut and i couldnt get it to open. I took
A pair of pliers and twist the cable next to the handle and brook it free.
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I started using a Flush King a couple of years ago. I believe it to be an absolute must have. It may or may not help in his current situation but worth a try if he can borrow one from someone. In any case he should get one to avoid future proplems. It gets all the stuff out you think you got out during a normal flush. Highly recommend!!!
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Old 05-08-2018, 08:58 AM   #47
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WATER, WATER WATER!!!! Its NOT that difficult!
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I had similar issues once, due to too much household TP use by a guest who insisted on smuggling the good stuff out to the trailer vs using that which was there.

Ever since then a couple of times a year; I dump a bag or two of ice cubes in via the toilet to just a few gallons of water, let that swish all around for the drive to the campground and do a full septic dump on the way into the site while everything is all still freshly agitated.

Same as dish washing, the ice cubes do wonders scrubbing and save you a lot of effort. Try a few ice cubes in a plastic container that had chili or pasta sauce with a bit of dish soap, giving the container a couple of shakes and see the difference.

As most others have said; let the tank build up, not drain.

Maybe it is just learning after the experience, but ever since I started doing this, I haven't had any issues.
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If he is sure that the line from the trailer to the dump is not full he could disconnect the line from the trailer. Then you can install a clear Y fitting that has the dump line connected to it and it has a smaller fitting with a valve on it that a water hose connects to. This allows you to back flush up the trailer lines to the tank. Because the fitting is clear you can see if anything comes out after a short burst of water up the line.
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Just as an afterthought... As mentioned several times "EXTRA WATER IS YOUR FRIEND!" After running clean, I add about 5 to 10 fresh gallons to the tank for the trip home, just to "slosh around" in transit .

I'm one of the fortunate ones that has a septic tank standpipe to dump into once I'm home. Even after clear h2o at the campsite, you wouldn't believe the color of the water that comes out after a road trip.

I've found that a road trip with enough water to add up to 2 or 3 inches is better to 20# bag of ice. The ice already melted before you're hooked up, and probably equals a gallon of h2o

Good Luck,


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