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"Is it worth it?"
If you need someone to convince you then I guess it isn't. For you. There are lot's of ways to spend money. Some people enjoy going on cruises. Some people enjoy boating. If you are questioning your enjoyment for dollar spent or aggravation then I think you have your answer.

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"If you new what fun cost you wouldn't go there" Yep, I said that. You may quote me. Truer words were never spoken. Add up what that flea-bagged old part lab/part neighbor of a dog you've had for eleven years has cost in vet bills, food, and chewed furniture. Care to admit what you actually spent on that ski boat you had to have when the kids were still at home? Did you ever tell your wife how much you laid out to get Dad's old car back running after he died? What was the REAL cost of Disney World with the grandkids two years ago?
I know it hurts when a toy breaks and you have to pay to fix what shouldn't have broken. But picture life without your RV, having to stay home and mow the lawn instead.
Want me to send you pictures of Patches our dachshund in the sidecar crossing into Newfoundland last fall? Vet bills just don't matter. And Momma probably already knows what you spent on Dad's old car.....

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Ken / Claudia
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Some good questions were asked, here's my answers.
I keep buying RVs because I enjoy RVing (mainly camping not traveling). I am on my 9th rv and owned 5 tents.
A good dealer is hard to find, but really important and worth shopping for one.
Is camping worth it? So far for me it is, when it's not I will quit.
I keep buying RVs because it is way better than camping in a tent.
I too believe a RV is for the most part a big cheap built box with wheels and add; that needs more attention than most will give them. Even with that said every brand can be a problem. Certainly never ending maintenance will help, but not always. I also missed a roof crack and later it cost 1200 to fix on another RV.
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Laredo Tugger
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Two missed roof crack stories in one thread.
I'm checking mine tomorrow.
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The wife likes it more than me, I could always find something better to do at home.
I won't tell her that though.
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Originally Posted by Laredo Tugger View Post
Two missed roof crack stories in one thread.
I'm checking mine tomorrow.
Good idea! They come from nowhere and look irrelevant; they're not. I have my roof done at least once a year at the dealership and every time, every time, I have knocks, dings etc. in the dicor sealant strip on the front and back. I cover them all. This year I am going to make them do an inspection, with me, prior to cleaning/sealing, and one after to try to correct the issue.
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After dropping out of high school, I bought a brand new 1972 Dodge van and tricked it out, quadraphonic stereo, shag carpet, paneling, bed in the back, etc and used it for camping.

I met the future DW the summer between her junior and senior year in high school, she liked camping too and we van camped a lot.

We got married, had a son, his first camping trip was in the van @ 6 months, had a daughter and eventually graduated to a 2 room tent.

We camped all over in that until the move up to a popup... man, no more sleeping bags at ground level, we were in heaven

After 10 years or so, the popup was showing its age, the kids were less inclined to go with us so we sold it and did not do any camping for quite a while.

Now the kids are in there 30s, I am with the prefect woman, who has put up with me for 42+ years, we have a perfect little trailer for the 2 of us, we are enjoying camping again and looking forward to retirement, where I plan on dragging the wheels off of it and will replace it with another as soon as we do.

The "kids" have become campers and enjoy going with their friends... the cycle continues.

It has definitely been worth every minute of it and I hope there are lot more minutes to come.

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Hunting, fishing/boating, flying, kayaking hiking, whatever your pleasure, is it worth it? Well, camping is my pleasure and the wife and I love seeing the country and not just the tourist traps. My truck gets 9 mpg when I tow so gas is the biggest expense and I say it's still worth it. We enjoy it so I'm spending my money on what I like to do.

Quality issues are a different category because you can get a lemon car or boat or snow mobile or jet ski, anything mechanical is going to break sooner or later. Anew RV should not have those major issues but the industry is not quality driven like the automobile industry, maybe JD Power should track the RV industry. Put some pressure on them to up their game.

RV owners need to be able to fix things for themselves mostly even though warranty issues are/may be different. The issue I had with my new Laredo we bought in June of '17 was bad LED lights both inside and outside. Warranty forced me to have the dealer take care of them because I was not about to take on that expense to fix it myself, not while I had a good warranty to claim on. Now that it's out of warranty I do everything I can that it needs myself. Even that I do enjoy doing the fixes.
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Ken / Claudia
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The news reported yesterday over 9 million RVs where on the US roads last year. I am not sure, but I bet that was the number of registered RVs in the US last year. Anyway some appear to think owning a RV is worth it.
2013 24RKSWE (27ft TT) Cougar 1/2 ton series
2002 Ford F350 4x4 CC 7.3 Traded off 03-19
2013 Ford F350 4x4 CC 6.7 8ft bed 3.55 rear end lariat
Retired Oregon State Police
Now a small town traffic cop
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First let me say that it seems by some of the tones in a few answers that I may have ruffled a few feathers by my question. That was not my intention. I do love my particular camper, but have many times when it had to be returned to the dealership been a little more than discouraged by it's quality. My philosophy in life has always been to expect the worst, but be ready to accept the best. I bought a classic car last year, and realize every time that I sit in it, that it is, and will remain above all quality. So I apologize to those of you I may have offended. I simply wanted to know...what keeps you camping, no more, no less.

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