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Originally Posted by JRTJH View Post
I suppose there's two schools of thought:

The vacation begins when you get there.
The vacation begins when you leave home.

Depending on which you choose, the travel is/is not a part of the overall experience. For many years when I was in the Air Force, we had a "destination centered focus". We'd pass by things we wanted to see, but didn't have time to stop and enjoy them. Many we made mental notes to "go back someday and check them out"... We're now at the stage of our life where we're doing just that. One mistake we won't make "this time around" is to make those mental notes of things we wanted to see but don't have time... For us, there may not be another opportunity, so if we see "the world's biggest ball of string" or "Free apple pie with every meal" or "the worlds best tossed rolls", well, now is the time to find out.....

XXXX2!! I think many, if not most, do the get there, it went by but don't know what it was, kind of thing when younger; I did. Never thought about the ability to spend the time to "stop and smell the roses" - I didn't have time....I had a "destination". In retrospect, some of those trips might have been more "fun" if more time was spent when on the road. On the other hand, if that had been done we would never have achieved our objective. Now, the only reason to run full tilt to get somewhere is due to lack of planning. I still, to this day, have a very hard time trying to stop the "got to get there now" mentality...it's been in me for all my life. I have made strides to just "take it as it comes"...it is wonderful. I would strongly urge anyone traveling to try to take the time required to see what's there; at some point I'm not sure you will have the ability to "revisit" what you just missed. JMO

Danny & Susan wife of 51 years
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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post
I still, to this day, have a very hard time trying to stop the "got to get there now" mentality...
Although we try to keep our traveling days short, to around 300ish miles if possible, I realise that when we hit the road, we still "hit the road" to get there rather than stop and see things on the way.
However, in our defense, it's not always possible to make a stop to "get that free apple pie" with a 30' trailer in tow. We have some friends who travel in a class C who do just that though. They just meander and stop if they see something interesting.
Maybe we went the wrong way with the TV and TT instead of the camper?

Nah, I don't think so!

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Scott wrote "getting there is as much fun as being there," Danny wrote "I'm wore out & my cheeks are numb," John wrote "No longer do we travel heads down, full speed ahead," and we subscribe to all of the above. All I have to do is come into the room, look at DW and say "Road trip" and she'll be packed in ten minutes. We did exactly what the rest of you did for 25 years. Our in-laws were 1000 miles away and we went wallys to the wall there and back.
Dave, you're headed to the UP from Arizona, but I'm afraid the whole world will pass you by, or the other way around.
Jim in Memphis
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I'm trying to force myself to slow down. We're heading back east "one more time". I'm going to use the Natchez Trace to slow myself down. Leaving very early April for the Richmond NASCAR race 13/14th. I'm already thinking that's not soon enough. And, I'm nowhere near ready.
I try to keep around 6 hours per Google which becomes 7 or 8 with lunch and fuel stops.
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Travel Time/Distance

We generally stay between 250 & 300 mI./day but might push to 350 if needed. We're retired so we plan on traveling only 6 hours per day. Years ago we might have done 4-500 miles but that's too tedious & stressful. We don't unhitch for overnight stays and like to break camp & set up in daylight. Safe travels.
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Well I ain't retired yet... and we live in Texas where it's 800 miles to the county line, so we drive till we get there...

My retirement party has already been planned for noon on the day of my funeral..
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Our general rule is 300 miles. I find that driving with the trailer is tiring and a lot of work, and I am ready to quit for the day at 300 miles. Da Wife doesn't drive with the trailer at all. We usually plan for more or less mileage depending on what kind of area we are driving through. Straight rural interstate driving we can do more (like 350) and for metropolitan areas like the northeast we plan on 225 to 250 miles.
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250-300 Then itís Miller Time.
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Wow must be nice having time. I can’t buy it.
Usually 5 hours towing or less because we stick that close to home. 14+ hour tows are common on big trips. This summer we will leave Pittsburgh for Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone. Leave at 1am, first night stop will be just inside South Dakota.
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Being retired has its advantages. I drove over the road for a living and put in 10-12 hour days pounding out the mileage. Now it’s time to enjoy the experience of traveling. It really boils down to where you have to be and how much time you have to get there.

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