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Love my opposing slides, so far. I have had it one season.
I am very happy with the way it tows and tracks.

Dan & Serena
2015 Bullet 26 RBPR
2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE SOLD
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My only complaints about my Bullet 21RB with opposing slides were I couldn't get to anything but the bathroom (including the stove, sink and refrigerator) when traveling. The refrigerator was in the slide so the top vent was in the wall instead of the roof which meant the fan ran A LOT which used a lot of battery when I was boondocking (5 months of the year the two summers I had it). The extra breakdown time to clean the roofs of the slides before retracting them. And the extra cost and battery power to heat the camper in cold weather. Basically, you have three inch gaps around each side with just the rubber seals. That adds up to about nine square feet of wall with NO insulation for two slides.


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Now I do remember the walk through mentioning the manual slide tool, but forgot when I found it. LOL. Thanks!!!!
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One additional item I would add if you have cable operated slides is a BAL repair kit. The kit contains replacement cable and hardware needed. You will need a wire rope cutter and swaging tool.
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We have the 26RBPR and love it! The opposing slides gives us so much room once opened. And our only complaint is the same as compeakw's, "with the slides in, we can't get to the refrigerator or bathroom". Also watch the slide under your awning, the corner of our slide punctured a small hole in the awning prior to us buying it. I have since installed roller ball's, like those for the screen door, on the slide corners to protect our awning from further damage.
Mike & Barb
2015 Keystone Bullet Premier 26RBPR
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Originally Posted by Janet794 View Post
Howdy! We are scheduled to pick up new camper in two days. Anyone have one and have comments? Any issues with the opposing slides?
2019 bullet 265. Our small slide because it doesn’t slide as far as other slides The gaskets do not invert properly by the time the slide is fully extended so we use a bone tool or our fingers to properly orientate the slide or voids would be present most commonly where the vertical and the horizontal gaskets meet. Our AC was loose and the AC/roof assembly was leaking water from outside when we got it home first week. Also there is a small boot that is on the cable for the slide and it is glued to the gasket, on one of those penetrations the boot had to come off and needed to be re-glued into place. I expect this will happen again elsewhere. The fan overhead of the stove does not exhaust to the outside of the trailer so it’s for odour control and looks only.

Additionally the awning over small slide rubs of the sharp corner of the slide when we lower the one end of awning for water runoff. I thought about a pool noodle to protect but it will still stress the fabric awning. I’m hoping to only lower the other corner of awning when required and I’m going to add a rope hanging down into bucket to attempt to get water to run down rope into bucket like a water chain instead of flooding the ground and making so much noise our fire bucket is metal.

Our fridge will not run on shore power unless it’s started first on propane. I figured this out by fooling with it. Otherwise it doesn’t work at all. We took it back to dealer to repair but they said it was fine. As soon as we got home and plugged in it failed again. I started on propane then switched to auto and it worked fine on 120v.

To be honest what I have learned in 6 short weeks is there is a lot of deficiencies and bugs in our unit for whatever reason. Now I realize that I am just going to have to fix things myself one at a time as they come because running it back-and-forth to the dealer to try to get warranty work done is not practical and It is what it is. For what I PAID my expectations are too high and these units could be built much better than they are However not for the current price apparently. Who’s fault is that? I dunno? I think we just need to upgrade and repair these things as they come and try to enjoy your time doing it and remind ourselves that the memories that we create well Camping, especially in the Great White North, completely offset the negative. My glass has to be half full or I would go crazy.

Another thing I learned is this place is full of really nice folks that have a ton of experience and great ideas. Best thing you did for your new purchase was joining here and tapping into this network. I wish I had Pre purchase.
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Hi Janet794, We have a 2017 Premier 29RKPR, shares many components with yours, ours has one slide. We pull it with a F150, no problems, but I did add air assist springs to the rear axle. We have really enjoyed ours so far. We did have the bedroom A/C repaired under warranty. You will have to pull one side of the awning down, or water will not drain properly. We just do it automatically when we set up. We did add a Fan-Tastic vent fan in the kitchen, as the stove fan does not vent outside. We would highly recommend having slide toppers installed! Also, our radio station reception was very poor, I pulled the receiver out and found the antenna wire in a bundle with a rubber band around it, pulled it out and ran it up the side of the entertainment center and it works much better. No problems with clearance, ours sits higher than our friends with 15" wheels. Do develop a set up and tear down checklist, it speeds things up and helps us make sure we do not forget the important stuff.

Also, do check the tire pressure before any trip, and also the lug nut torque, we found a couple loose after our first 2 trips. A new mattress was a given, and we added a lift kit to the storage under the bed. It also took us a while to figure out that the oven does not light via a knob, you must light the pilot manually each time the gas is cut on for a trip. We did upgrade the shower and sink fixtures, and installed a stainless sink ($50 on Amazon), but that was just our preference.

Hope you have fun and enjoy your new camper!
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Thanks Leathernan! I added the two flexible extensions to my drill kit when I found them. Never told about them in my walk through and found nothing in the manual. 2017 Cougar 359MBI. Since there were two, I assume “walking” the slide side to side is needed? I only carry one drill.
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We have a 31BKPR and really don't have any major complaints. CW Service department is a bear but has gotten much better after a few negative reviews on their website. The sales group was great and willing to deal hard to get the sale. I personally do not like the slide on the entry door slide for the only reason it greatly reduces the area beneath the awning. One other is the living room Television had no way of hooking up a portable satellite, just cable. Had to install another outside connection, and run a coax to the TV. Easy to switch over.

A few suggestions though, on your opposite side slide install an slide-out awning over it if you don't have one. Our master bed is up front and I installed some 30" deep drawers at each side beneath the closets. Works great. Also, installed two large drawers beneath the bed that pulls out towards the bath. Added some shelves in the bath linen closet. Did this easily because I build cabinets in my retirement, when we are not on the road. 17k miles last year and about 13k scheduled this year. We leave in two weeks and can't wait. Overall, my opinion for what it is worth is the Bullet is a great trailer, great floor plan and built well especially considering the price tag. Our last one was a 21 ft FR MicroLite, and built a bit better cabinetry wise but nothing else.
M&P James
2017 31BKPR Bullet Premier
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With my 24RKPR I can get to the bathroom (via the bedroom) but not the fridge. I figured that bath is the more important of the two We normally carry a small cooler in the truck for drinks anyway.

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