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Originally Posted by chuckster57 View Post
Most fivers have a tank on each side at the front of the unit. My old ‘97 Jayco 323RKS had both on the curb side at the front and 2 batteries on the curb side just behind the axles.

Yeah thought it was odd my 5th has both tanks on drivers side.

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Originally Posted by chuckster57 View Post
Most fivers have a tank on each side at the front of the unit. My old ‘97 Jayco 323RKS had both on the curb side at the front and 2 batteries on the curb side just behind the axles.
My Cougar XLite is configured the same way. Both propane tanks are on the driver's side and the battery compartment is on the curb side. Both are at the very front corners of the trailer.


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My Laredo has both 30 lb bottles on the drivers side front corner and the 1 original battery box right next to it inboard. I added 2 more batteries from there to about amidship.
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Originally Posted by Fast_frank_d View Post
My OP referencing "long trips" is a bit vague, I admit, but it's clearly not about the money. More explicitly stated, when camping at 9000 feet and 50 miles from the nearest propane, I want to have the most capacity possible without dragging the extra weight/inconvenience of more tanks through the mountains. Money isn't the primary motive for the thread, but just to maintain factual accuracy for the discussion, the per-unit price of propane for exchange is almost double that of a refill (~$21 per 20lb exchange vs. $12 refill, not just $1-$2 difference)

I get it. I used to do the same thing and needed the max on everything I took to last as long as it could before I made that 70 mile drive to get gas, groceries, ice, LP etc.

I'm thinking though that I would try to go with the larger tanks. They are heavier, but not that much unless you are just loaded to the max.
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Propane tanks are federally and state regulated. They are filled by weight with a 10% expansion regulation. Therefore a 20 lb tank weight is actually 18lbs. All new tanks must comply with federal regulations.
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FWIW new unused tanks contain air sometimes under pressure (depending on atmospheric pressure) which must be purged prior to filling, failure to purge will result in reduced propane fill volume. jM2CW from 1st hand experience.
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Tanks, a lot

The 20 lb propane tanks are designed to accomdate 20% expansion when filled with 20 lbs, so there is no reason to underfill your 20 lb tank. In other words, 20 lbs of propane fills the tank to 80% of it's volume, allowing 20% for expansion.

Blue Rhino uses their own proprietary valves, so that you cannot have the tanks filled elsewhere. Then they only fill 15 lbs and charge you a flat rate based on a full tank. If you are willing to trade convenience for a higher cost and a partially empty tank, then I guess it's not a scam (?).

Here's a great write up addressing both issues, and a bunch of other good info about propane.


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I had the same problem once. The tank had not only propane but air in it as well. When the tank was near empty the attendant bled the air out using the vent valve.

The empty weight of the tank should be imprinted on the handle surrounding the valve. You can weigh the bottle with propane in it and subtract the bottle weight to determine the quantity of propane it is holding. See https://modernsurvivalblog.com/preps...ank-really-is/

Last year I purchased a 20lb bottle with gauge for my bbq at Costco for $25. Since it was a brand new tank, I know exactly how much use/abuse it has seen. It won't have to be replaced for 12 years.
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Product liability

The biggest concern most propane fillers face is overflowing of the cylinder. It appears Blue Rhino has made sure this does not happen by installing an OPD valve that is set for 75% vs 80%.
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When dry camping I take a extra tank and it is a 20 lber. 2 reasons, when 1 goes empty on the trailer I have a replacement and I can pick it up easier than the 30s. I also leave the tank cover at home so I can see the gauge. I don't know or care if they hold or take XX. I just fill and pay. At the time of the OPD tanks, I paid for 2 20 lbes to be upgraded and recertified and filled. It costs to damn much. Just buy a new tank on sale cheaper. I see the Blue Rhino displays around here, but I just buy and keep my own tanks. About every gas station has propane for sale.

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propane, tank

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