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Electric awning trouble

Hi there... am wondering about my electric awning on my 2015 Bullet 248RKS...

I've noticed the last couple of times I've used the awning, that it seemed to be getting slower in it's operation. This time, it was definitely struggling when I retracted it... so much so, that I'm afraid to extend it for fear of it not retracting at all and getting stuck in the open position. I'm assuming it needs a new motor? but was wondering if it could possibly be anything else?

(also, I don't even know where the motor is located and would you have an approximate of what a new one costs?) I'm a real rookie at this only having owned my Bullet since June.

Thanks in advance for any info/advice.


2015 Keystone Bullet 248RKS
2013 Ford F-150 4wd

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Several bits of very important information are missing from your post and need to be provided before a good assessment can be offered.

1. What brand of awning do you have? Has this just started or is it an ongoing problem?
2. Is it possibly winding up "backwards" In other words, under the roller tube rather than on top?
3. Is it properly aligned, no wrinkles in the fabric while rolling up? Do the support arms bind or are they bent/bowed?
4. Have you felt the front end of the awning tube during operation? The motor is located there and is it hot?
5. Do you have a proper sized battery in the trailer and is it fully charged?

Providing answers to those would help anyone who might want to give you some advice......


2015 F250 6.7l 4x4
2014 Cougar X Lite 27RKS
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Hi John,

1. The sticker on one of the arms says; Solera (adjustable pitch awning)
I've used the awning maybe 6-7 times, and each time, seemed to get slower... this time was considerably s-l-o-w.
2. It is not winding backwards and
3. It is not wrinkled and is aligned correctly. The support arms are not bent or bowed.

5. And as far as the battery, it was new (from the dealer) in June and should be fully charged. (I am living in my travel trailer and I've been plugged 97% of the time.)

Thanks for your reply... and regarding #4.. I have not felt the front of the awning tube, but will try to do that sometime in the near future when I have access to a ladder.

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My 2016 solar was doing the same thing going out slow and couldn't retract with out helping it by hand to get it in.dealer checked it out said bad motor replaced it adjusted awning no charge we took delivery in May 2017 so it was still under warranty.
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Something you might do to help narrow down the possibilities is unplug the trailer and move the slide in a ways and return it. Make sure it operates normally to make sure your battery isn't causing you an issue. I know it seems new but how long it was on the lot, the use it may have seen and if it was fully serviced before you took it are all unknowns. My "new" battery failed within the first year and when I pulled it out of the box to replace it it looked like it had lived a really hard life.....somewhere.
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Old 10-21-2017, 03:52 AM   #6
Dave W
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Ours is a Dometic which also started clunking and running hard. My fix was to use some silicone spray on anything that moves against another part, including the operating rods. It worked - and needs it again now

Dave W, traveling with my DW, Susan and poodlepups, Callie and Molly with a 2011 F250 CCLB 6.7, B&W hitch and hauling a 2014 Montana HC 343RL
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