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2018 Passport 175 bh

I am looking to purchase a 2018 Passport 175 bh with a dry weight of just under 3200 lb. I will be towing with a 2016 Honda Pilot. The Pilot is AWD and I will be adding a hitch with weight distribution and a trans cooler. I don’t intend to tow with water in the tanks. Was just wondering if anyone else has this trailer and what they think of it. It will be used by myself, my wife, my son (15), and daughter (21).
We were hoping to get a larger trailer but with my limited tow capacity we decided on this one.
This is our first travel trailer.
Any info is appreciated

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I don't have your trailer or your TV. I just want to make sure that you have validated your TVs ability vs the trailer which it seems you have.

Your vehicle has a tow rating, meaning the most optimistic possible number in the world, of 3500 lbs., 5000 lbs. with AWD. Your trailer has a gvw of 4500 lbs. With the family you have, you will be at GVW or above if you plan on any activities. Your vehicle, with all the family, will be close to max load capacity before you add hitch, tongue weight, propane and all the family "stuff" in the back of the suv. Remember that there are lots of "load capacity" numbers other than tow capacity.

I used to drive full size SUVs. I don't any longer. I drive "mid size" SUVs; Ford Explorer, Toyota 4runners, Hummer H3 etc. Personally, I wouldn't pull ANY travel trailer with any of them. Those that I mentioned will have towing abilities that equal or exceed the Pilot. I understand "run what you brung"; did that a lot back when, but IMO, they are ill suited to pulling anything larger than a small utility trailer.

On the other hand, I saw a Pilot 2 days ago on hwy. 98 out here pulling a trailer about that size; running 45 on a 55 mph highway; both hands on the wheel - looked intense; SUV tail down along with the trailer nose.....and the highway, posted at 55, is rated at 75 in TX due to its super construction......just to say they were "in the way" to me (I was not towing).

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I was towing a 16' travel trailer on Interstate 80 a few years back with an S10 Blazer. Every time a semi would fly past me, I would hang on for dear life. It would push over to the shoulder almost every time. High side winds were the same, so make sure you have more than enough TV. I later bought a full size GMC and added sway control/weight distribution.
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You didn't include any specific information on which Honda Pilot you have (2WD/AWD/towing package) so I can't give you any specific numbers, but the following is directly from the 2016 Owner's Manual:

"5,000 lbs. maximum towing capacity for AWD models with accessory ATF cooler; 3,500 lbs. for AWD models without accessory ATF cooler and 2WD models. Towing requires accessory towing equipment. Please see your dealer for details."

Additionally, if my research is correct, the Curb Weight ranges from 4023 to 4317 pounds, the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 5,545 to 5,842 lbs and the Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) for the Pilot is 9579.

So, if we consider that you have an AWD with the appropriate towing package with transmission cooler, your vehicle should weigh around 4300 pounds. Add 4 adults at 150 pounds each (600 pounds) and you are approaching 5000 pounds in your vehicle. Add the 150 pounds for an equalizer hitch (minimum hitch required for a trailer weighing 4500 pounds) and you're around 5150 pounds. That leaves a maximum for the trailer tongue of 395 - 692 pounds. With a vehicle load of 5150 and a GCWR of 9579, the maximum trailer gross weight you can tow is approximately 4429.

The Passport 175BH has an empty tongue weight of 410 pounds. Add 40 pounds of propane and 45 pounds for a GP27 battery and your empty tongue weight before any cargo, food, clothing, camping gear, tools, personal equipment will be approximately 495 pounds. That is very likely more than the capacity you have remaining (395-692).

If we assume that you do have the Pilot AWD with the towing package AND the additional transmission cooler, you are "on the verge of being overloaded with an empty trailer". If you have a PilotAWD without ATF cooler or a 2WD version then the empty trailer will be significantly heavier than the maximum capacity of your vehicle which is a maximum of 3500 pounds.

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The above advice is reasonable and appropriate. You will not be happy with your towing experience. Many people give up on RVing due to the this alone. An appropriate TV will keep you and your family happy, and more importantly, SAFE. IMO, mid size SUV's really are ill-equipped for anything over 4,000 lbs. If your TV was a long wheelbase full size SUV (ie 1/2 ton), I would say it would be a good match. But Pilot's are no such animals. Glad you're asking advice before you buy. It'll save you a bunch of $$$ in the long run.
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Don't get us wrong. We'd love to see you all out camping, just safely.

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I have to agree with the others. Though my Ranger was able to pull 6,000 lbs., and both the trailer dealer and Ford agreed that it would pull our 4,000 lb just fine. Even with the weight distribution/anti-sway hitch we had only gone about 2 miles toward home when I decided to buy a full sized truck. That was with just water, gas and batteries, no other load in the trailer or truck. Besides power and suspension, the wheelbase and tow vehicle weight make a difference. Trying to pull 20'+ of trailer with a small vehicle is like the tail wagging the dog, and your Pilot is even shorter than our Ranger was. If you are not willing to buy a bigger tow vehicle, I would seriously consider a lighter trailer, such as a pop-up or one of the 16' models that are just around 2,000 lbs.
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Sorry to "Pile on" but.
For the first season I pulled my Passport 195RB with a Ford Explorer Sport.
OK, the 195RB is a little bit heavier but with dual axles less tongue weight.
My '16 Explorer Sport came with a 3.5l V6 Ecoboost, tow/haul mode and extra cooling. All part of the Sport package. A Sport model is a whole different beast. That 365 HP Ecoboost had more than enough power and nothing ever over heated but any time a semi passed me it was white knuckles. Cross winds were a chore and head winds.... sigh.
There is not a huge difference between our TTs if you look at frontal area and side sail and that's what's important.

If you plan to take weekend trips of a couple of hours or so and mostly don't get on interstates and you have AWD and cooling you will not be happy but you should be OK. Take a few test trips and see how it goes.
My wife and I got our TT (first TT) in August and took a few (4) shorter trips to shake things out.
In the spring, before the next season, I bought a truck and damn glad I did but we do 10k miles a year on road trips. YMMD.
Either way, enjoy. That's what it's all about.
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we have the same travel trailer, it just turned a year old and have camped in it about 60 nights over the last year. We love it..
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The tow vehicle is 2016 Honda Pilot AWD. I will be adding a hitch with weight distribution as well as a trans cooler.

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