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It is a mystery...

Hi all,
On Saturday afternoon we pulled off the dealer's lot with our 2013 model Passport Elite 28BH. I posted on the Welcome New Members thread with pics of our new rig and shakedown photos of inside. I had a question I didn't get an answer to, so I'm copying it here as well.

The gray water tank is listed at 30 gallon capacity on the brochures (along with the "more elusive than the Yeti" ottoman). But during the PDI, the Service fellow doing our walk through said there were *TWO* grey water tanks: one in the galley, one in the bathroom.

So are they 15 and 15 and have an overflow when one gets full to fill to divert to the second one automatically? This would equal the advertised 30 gallon grey tank. I asked the service guy during the PDI, but he had no idea.

During our shakedown campout Saturday night, I checked the indicator light which said Grey 1 tank = full and Grey 2 tank = 1/4th full. Now, I'm wondering which is which?

My DH is convinced there is an overflow and that the indicator on the control panel that says Grey tank #2 must really be the freshwater tank.

This may be a question for keystone, if no one here knows.Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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Tri Tip
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Here is what I did. Dump your gray tanks on your driveway. It's new don’t worry about it. With dry tanks, I took a 5 gallon water bottle and filled it with a hose. I brought a hose with a shut off nozzle into the trailer and filled the bottle on the counter top. This way I didn't have to shlep water in and out the trailer. I counted the bottles I poured into the kitchen sink until the tub backed up. If your tub backs up the thanks are connected and also you'll know by counting how much they hold. If you pour in your kitchen sink and the tub doesnt back up but the kitchen sink does you know you they are not connected. Does your TT have 3 valves, 2 grey and one black? Otherwise the two grey could be tied into each other at the drain. In this case one could back fill the other. Undo your under belly to view you plumping also. When done just dump you grey on the drive way. That's what I did it's just water. One last thing. Almost every Trailer I've known of has a bathroom sink that drains to the black tank. This because simply using the toilette doesn’t allow for enough water to dilute the waste and you'll build a pooh and toilette paper pyramid below the toilet. The additional sink water helps to dilute the solids. Have Fun. P.S. The service fellow that did our walk through told me about 8 things that were absolutly incorrect. I kept quiet and just smiled. My wife was proud.

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Not sure about your model but:

Our Passport has a grey tank and a galley tank and they have separate dump valves, one next to the black valve and the other to the rear of the wheels under the slide
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Our previous trailer had 2 grey tanks, both 35 gallon even though the brochure said total of 35 gallon. They were not connected, grey 1 was for everything in the trailer, grey 2 was the outside kitchen only and had it's own dump valve at the rear of the trailer. How many dump valves to you have?

Thr panel should have a fresh water gauge and it would not be listed as grey 2.

My current trailer has a gauge for grey 2 but I do not have a second tank, Keystone just uses the same panel in all Premiers, possibly other trailers as well.
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2890RL has one black tank of 30 gallons, one galley tank of 30 gallons, one grey tank of 30 gallons, and one fresh water tank of 30 gallons.

The black, galley and grey tanks all dump through a central manifold with three separate valves conveniently located side by side.

I doubt your grey and galley tanks are connected except through the individual valves and central manifold.
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Thanks all for your responses. Based on what you all said, we decided to call Keystone and ask.

The customer service rep. basically looked at the same specs of our model on the internet (just as we were doing) and repeated it back to us.

So we now believe our service guy doing the walk-through just got it wrong and there is only one grey tank in our model, and the control panel pointing to grey tank #2 is the fresh water. We'll do what we can to test this next time we take Buttercup out. Probably by filling up the freshwater and nothing else to see what lights up on the control panel.

We'll also keep a close eye on the grey tank because we don't want anything backing up and flooding.

Thanks to everyone again.
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A friend of mine didn't know he had a grey tank in the galley, and the valve was closed. The tank cracked it got so full and that is how he got educated. We leave the galley tank valve open to run into the main grey.
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With the 28BH Elite you have 2 grey Water tanks. Unless they mixed the wires up on yours the first tank on your panel should be your Kitchen sink and hold 30 Gallons and your second grey on the panel be for your Shower and bathroom sing and hold 30 gallons of water. You have 4 tanks on your rig, A fresh, black and two greys.

The two grey tanks are separate tanks and are not connected by any valve coming together only at the out-take. You can, (I bought one), buy another valve that connects to the out-take valve which you can use to close off the out take and open the two greys, this will act as a bridge between your two tanks. It is not perfect as it is based on how level your parked but I find it a quick improvement for under 20 bucks.
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We have the Cougar 28rbs which is a nearly identical floor plan. We have 56gals of gray water split between two 28gal tanks, a 28gal black and 43gal fresh.

Ours is set up exactly as x96mnn said, gray 1 is the galley tank, gray 2 is the bathroom tank and they are totally separate. We have two sewer connections, one just for the galley that's just in front of the wheels, and the gray2/black one behind the wheels. The fresh water tank is near the front and it has its own button on the indicator panel.

That's not to say your passport is set up identically to ours, but given the floor plans, it seems likely. Two separate 15gal tanks seems unlikely because those are very small gray tanks. How many dump valve handles do you see when you look under your trailer? Make sure to look in front of the wheels as well. I'm leaning towards two tanks given you have two gray buttons on your indicator panel and I'm expecting you'll find a dump valve in front or between your wheels.
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Originally Posted by twstdpear View Post
Two separate 15gal tanks seems unlikely because those are very small gray tanks.
That is exactly what the walk-through service guy said when I asked during the PDI. He'd never seen 15 gallon holding tanks.

As for relying on the brochure and specs given there, I'm not so sure anymore. After all, the floorplan shows an ottoman with the sofa and a double sink. I don't have either. And it does not show the two doors separating the MB from the living area. It's a new model, and I'm sure they are trying to work all the kinks out. So, I guess I'll have to put on my Nancy Drew had and look for dump valves everywhere, even the front, and perhaps do as Tri Tip suggested and fill up the kitchen sink in 5 gallon increments until something backs up. <shudder> That makes me real nervous.

Ahh, a room with a view.
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