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iRV6500BT Bluetooth malfunction

Hi Forum Friends,

I have a Keystone Bullet 248RKS trailer. It has the iRV6500BT installed.

This iRV unit keeps asking me to pair with it, even though I'm already paired:
* When my phone is nearby, the iRV asks me to pair with its Bluetooth
* I go ahead and pair with "0000", it accepts it. I'm connected to Bluetooth, and I can use it to stream music through the iRV. Everything works as expected.
* A few minutes later, I get another request for pairing. If I pair again, it will connect again. If I ignore it, and don't pair, it keeps nagging me every 2 minutes to pair pair pair over and over and over, forever.
* The only way to stop it is to turn it off.

The only possible path forward is to turn it off and leave it off. Forever. Or remove it and... get it fixed?

I went to irvtechnologies.com, and sent an email to the person listed for support, and explained the issue. Here is their response:

"It sounds like the radio is defective. You have a 1 year warranty on the product please contact keystone or your dealer and have it replaced. "

When I explained my 2015 trailer was 4 years old, the response was:

"Either the firmware is not supported or Corrupt. Radios has not been produced for over 6 years. No support from supplier or overseas and radio is obsolete."

Today, this radio is sold new on Crutchfield with a 1 year warranty, however the manufacturer's support rep just told me it's long obsolete, and they basically refused to provide me with any support whatsoever.

So i'm reaching out to the community to try to get some help with this issue.
Has anyone experienced this issue? I'd appreciate any help or remarks.

Thinking about this logically: the head unit works fine except for this
Bluetooth issue. It seems to me it might be a compatibility issue - between this older Bluetooth implementation and today's newer phones. If that's the case, then there must be others who have the same issue.

Obviously I would not buy another head unit to replace it, because the new one is likely to have the same issue, since I'd be buying something that was manufactured 6 years ago, is obsolete, and no longer made, and the manufacturer has flat-out refused to support it.

So is there another head unit that forum members have installed to replace this piece of kraap head unit?

Thanks all.

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Ouch -- the reviews at Crutchfield are far from kind.

Current models are shipping with Furrion units. I have no opinion as to their sound quality because the coach speakers are by far the weak link and I have not gotten around to upgrading them... but the Bluetooth support has been very solid.

The only funny I've found so far is that the clock-setting procedure is bizarre and unintuitive -- it must be started with the remote, and completed with the physical controls.

Furrion seems to offer some units in the form factor that should fit your current hole.
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