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Lifetime Warranty change?

When I purchased my keystone trailer it came with a lifetime warranty if I submitted the trailer to inspections each year that I pay for. Based on what I understood the agreement said that the trailer is under warranty if one performed and passed the inspections. In fact each year I get a document back saying that the inspection was passed.
HOWEVER, there appears to be a change to the warranty as of about 5 months ago which basically says (based on my understanding) that the decision of whether the lifetime warranty is in effect will be made at the time of the claim.
I asked my local dealership for a clairification and they said they asked Keystone but I did not get an answer. In summary I donít want to wait until I have a claim to find out if I no longer have a lifetime warranty. Is there anyone out there that can answer my question? That is if I have yearly inspections and pass those inspections do I have a life time warranty in effect or not?
Thank you
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I didn't know Keystone offered a "lifetime warranty" on a trailer. Those are usually offered by various vendors other than the manufacturer.
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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post
I didn't know Keystone offered a "lifetime warranty" on a trailer. Those are usually offered by various vendors other than the manufacturer.
Same here. Mine on the 2017 also requires the annual inspection ($100) but is through a 3rd party company, National Automobile Experts.
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travelin texans
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Mine was through my selling dealer not by the manufacturer & was a case by case determination. So basically it was covered if THEY wanted it to be not if I thought it should be. Never took it back to be inspected or any warranty work, did it all myself.
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That "Lifetime Warranty" thing is not worth the paper its printed on unless your dry camping and your out of toilet paper and need to wipe your as*-lol...IMO.
You have to pay a fee every Dealership scheduled maintainence period inspection?
And it's not through Keystone.
If you fail to bring it in and something goes wrong, well....you didn't follow the "warranty" specifications for maintenance according to the RV Dealer pushing that crap.
It's a great ploy to get you to buy a TT.
I can tell you that my first Keystone I had for 7years and never had a mechanical failure....that's why I bought a 2018 Outback.
Ohh, and their were Stealerships like Little Dealer Little Prices in AZ that were pushing that plan like crazy?
If you already have this "Lifetime Warranty", than by all means follow the service plan to a T.
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Itís not a Keystone Warranty. Itís through someone else. I had one on my last TT. What I paid for in Inspections was a waste of money. If they did some real maintenance it would have been a different story.
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Everyone thanks for your replies. I like the dealership that offers the lifetime warranty but it was the paperwork change to coverage that concerned me. I will get back with the dealer. Yes, it is expensive to have them do it.
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Do a forum search for "Lifetime Warranty". There are several extensive threads that discuss the pros and cons of the "aftermarket lifetime warranty". There is NO Keystone lifetime warranty. Whoever told you that Keystone had to "make the determination at the time of the claim" is blowing smoke. Keystone has NEVER offered a lifetime warranty on their trailers.

Essentially, the "aftermarket lifetime warranty" is a service center profit generation scheme (cash cow) for the dealership. ALL maintenance, ALL winterization, ALL de-winterization, ALL inspections MUST be accomplished by the dealer and they MUST be documented with the parent company. Any item that is not properly documented, recorded and approved by the parent company will void the warranty.

If you have the trailer, read the lifetime warranty document. If you have not yet purchased the trailer, ask for a copy of the document and read the requirements and exclusions. It will open your eyes to just who benefits from the warranty. Hint: It ain't the trailer owner......

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Dave W
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"Lifetime' warranties, unless supplied by the actual manufacturer, are seldom woth the paper they are written on since it is the writer's determination, as you have seen, as to whether or not an item is covered. If you are of the age, recall the Rusty Jones vehicle corrosion/rot 'lifetime' warranty. They never covered rust on the truck I owned, saying that the part that rusted out (cab corner) wasn't a part of their warranty. Then they went out of business just as I was preparing a lawsuit.

Good luck, but I think you are spending your dollars for a lost cause
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I keep telling folks... Find out what the warranty will cost you in cash money over the lifetime of the note... then Tell them no thank you and run to your bank, start a savings account and every month put that amount in the account... When you get ready to trade the trailer it'll make a nice extra down payment...

I've done this through 2 trailers now and even with using the money to pay for PM on the trailers I have yet to spend it dry..

$2000 at 5% for 15 years is $17 a month... $200 a year...

I went a step further and just put $50 a month in the account.. after 7 years I still have close to $3K left..
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