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Unless I was mislead here is how it was explained to me from my dealer.

Yes, you have a nation wide warranty. Your prioity to service is up to the service center. They have to first be recognized as a reputable service center to work on your brand of trailer. " keystone". Once they have an opportunity to evaluate your problem they then send it off to Keystone for approval of repair. And they are told what the service reimbursement will be. If it is not a justfied value, they don't have to provide the service. But normally if covered, Keystone treats them right. You could still spend half of you summer in their shop because they are under no restrictions of time to get your service done first. This is one reason why some dealers my tell you, if you buy from us it's gives you priority over a walk in customer. These are sales perks offered because they know they don't have to treat the unloyal customers with VIP status. Of you want a strong dealrship relationship, I think it would be best to buy from that dealership. But, that's not a garrentee it will still make everyone happy. The shop and sales are two different entities to a RV dealership.

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Originally Posted by notanlines View Post
From Frymonkeys.com website:
"‘Never wrestle with a pig – the pig enjoys the wrestling and you get dirty.'
When people attack our good work, why do we spend time fighting back when we’ve got so many other priorities? Why do we continue to irritate (sometimes please) them by arguing?"

This seems to fit the situation.
Was looking for my “Don’t feed the Trolls” meme, but realized this isn’t really a meme group! :-)

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Simple question. What can I expect if I am 1200 miles from my purchase dealer and need warranty work done on my RV? Am I at the mercy of the nearest dealer?
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Originally Posted by Ksupaul View Post
Was looking for my “Don’t feed the Trolls” meme, but realized this isn’t really a meme group! :-)
We appropriately meme. Let 'er rip.

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Originally Posted by Afrnd2all View Post
Simple question. What can I expect if I am 1200 miles from my purchase dealer and need warranty work done on my RV? Am I at the mercy of the nearest dealer?

Yes you are.
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Yeap you are and do not expect any arm twisting from Keystone. Dealers have the right to turn down warranty work or schedule it so that your rig will spend most of the time in their shop waiting to be worked on. If you are saving enough money may want to consider just paying an independent RV repair shop and OEM parts. ??? when repairs needed
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Originally Posted by sourdough View Post
This will be my last post dealing with your posts on this subject - I would encourage others to do the same.

Please read your post. "reality and helping consumers is what this post is all a about". It would be helpful if your comments were 1) respectful, 2)informational and 3)truthful. So far they have met none of that criteria. We have many new folks that depend on quality information; helpful info to keep them out of trouble. What you put out is opposite of that.

You state "you would not be responding to this frivolous post." Meaning your posts lack seriousness; spoofing. Why?
I'm only a newbie on these forums, but I have been contributing to a lot of other fora for about 20 years. I have to say that I agree with Sourdough in that the user Chev1Dude should moderate their post language. He/she may not be intending to be rude, but their posts read that way. I would suggest that they re-read their posts and do a little editing before pressing "submit reply".
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Originally Posted by Afrnd2all View Post
Simple question. What can I expect if I am 1200 miles from my purchase dealer and need warranty work done on my RV? Am I at the mercy of the nearest dealer?
Been there. In my case (our LED lights were failing quickly, one at a time) - called two dealers, given in the middle of the summer - both said to expect a 6 month wait. I read that as "we don't want to support RVs we didn't sell" - but that's just my interpretation. They didn't deny service..
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It's been my experience (very limited, fortunately) that when travelling, most dealerships will try to help with catastrophic breakdowns and will offer suggestions for minor irritations. In the case of a broken axle, most will try to get you back on the road, but if you're 1000 miles from home and come in with a list of 5 or 6 minor things like loose trim, burned out bulb, one tail light that's brighter than the other and an off color vent on the lower refrigerator opening, most dealers will tell you they can't help, or they will offer parts for exchange (if in stock) for you to do the work in their parking lot, but most won't put you ahead of their paying customers while you take your family to Disney World for the day. Don't expect that kind of warranty work while travelling.

Where I find most "denial of warranty service" is the local home town dealer who remembers you shopping last summer. When you come in with a "National RV decal" on your new trailer asking for warranty work, most will tell you no or will schedule your work at the bottom of their service. It may be retribution, it may sound mean, but if your shop rate is $150 an hour and Keystone pays $90 an hour for warranty reimbursement, you've got the answer to why most dealers won't absorb a loss in service for some other company to benefit from their loss. In other words, most dealership factor in the probable cost for warranty work in their sales price. They sell units with the expectation that it will "cost them money" to keep the customer happy. They aren't going to give that money to a "non-paying customer" without some careful consideration on how it will benefit them, either in the immediate timeframe or in the future. In other words, they won't do it unless they know it'll be profitable now or when you're ready to buy a new trailer.

Dealers aren't totally corrupt and non-caring, but they aren't in the business to give someone something if there's no expectation that they will make money from the exchange. It's the same with your doctor, your barber, your grocery store and your car wash.

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Fortunately, our dealer is only about an hour (41 miles) away, if needed for warranty work. RV dealers are not as plentiful as car dealers, so you would expect to travel farther, and in our case they are all grouped together in lower rent areas away from Seattle where the cost of the land needed is prohibitive. Both our car and TV are from a dealer about that same distance, and we still go there for service, because we got good deals and they have been honest, and reliable for service. When we were ready to buy our TT, we spent several weekends looking at several brands/models at various dealerships. Once we settled on the Springdale, we found the prices varying from $23k to $13,999. That lowest price was in Yakima, about 2-1/2 hours away, but we bought ours for $14,999 well worth the extra $1,000 to have a closer dealer for service, and also for a shorter tow home.

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