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Originally Posted by nauticstar21 View Post
Well I hooked up the cable from the house and that worked great. Then I thought I would try one more time to see if the main tv would pick up channels over the antenna. I did the same thing I had done before (booster on, TV set to antenna, scan for channels) and this time it picks up some channels. Not exactly sure what changed but it all seemed to work.

If you say the booster is in the bedroom, then its the main connection point. The booster is also a splitter and it sound like you may have another or its just wired completely different then most RV's, but anyhow.
RV's use pretty ****ty antennas not good for a range of maybe 20 miles at best. They may say 35 etc, but omni directional will not. The sensar are good for a few more so I try from here to explain it further.

Its all based on signal strength to what you can receive at the antenna. Then how many connections, splitters, length of cable, what kind of wire, its shielding etc will determine how much DB loss is happening on the way to the TV itself. Then these cheap no name TV tuners suck and lose even more. The booster is only there to aid the antenna signal through this mess. If the signal at the antenna is crap then your boosting crap to get crap squared. You got alof of connections by the sounds if it hence no signal usable at the main TV.
I rewired my whole rig and added a DB4e with a VHV kit, but we don.t move, its permanently setup in a RV park. I use a preamp and also a distribution amp because of how bad the RV is wired. Preamp send it in and at the booster I put inline a channel master distribution amp that adds 11.5 DB to 2 ports. That 11.5 DB is more than enough to overcome the crap RV wiring.
They build em cheap, no thought to anything, piece meal hack jobs

This site will explain it better then I can try to type it.


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Mine was up in master bedroom where the booster switch for antenna is. All the connections were very loose. Check all other connections as well and you will find them loose.

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Originally Posted by wiredgeorge View Post
I know you know that the antenna should be pointed at the signals to be picked up... most antennas are directional. I have an app on my phone that gives me TV tower direction and distance and I use it to set my antenna to pick up the majority. The app on the phone is called NoCable and also gives you a tv guide type listing for the channels.
I have this app on my computer, and I love it. Don't forget the handy "compass" app so you'll know which way to turn the antenna. (It's easy to lose track of which direction you're actually heading once you're in your RV site.)
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My Alpine 3651RL doesn’t get as many OTA channels in the Living room as it does in the Bedroom. The Amp is on and I ran an extra cable straight from the amp to the TV and it worked great. I have replaced several connectors with no success.

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