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Old 09-28-2018, 09:46 AM   #21
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I will say this, Keystone/Passport has been very good in all of this. They've been understanding, and when I called them last time, the customer service person I spoke with sent me her email address and asked me to send them pics of the completed underbelly, so their techs could look at them and see to it that it was completed to their standards. They are documenting everything, and seem interested in the progress. I guess they are doing everything a manufacturer 1500 miles away can do, so I'm not unhappy with their response.

Apparently, thought, they really needed to send a factory representative out to oversee the dealership in the installation of the underbelly. Because driving the screws through the wiring is a stupid mistake. I don't know how much of the underbelly will need to be removed now to get to the wiring.

I do have some specific questions about how it should be installed/sealed..but I'll start a different thread for that specific issue.

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Old 10-04-2018, 11:33 AM   #22
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I have a 23 rb, 2014. I must agree, mine was built cheap. 2 valences fell off on my first trip. I never went back to the dealer, all the cheap issues if Lund I ended up fixing myself. Youd think for 20g+ it would be built better. A word of warning, check your roof at least twice a year and make sure the corner seams are not compromised.

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Every year I winterize myself and store in indoor.
Every year I pull my TT from storage and take it to a local dealer, NOT where I bought it, and have it de-winterized, wheel bearing repack and roof check and re-calk as needed. Around $300.00 per year.

Then we put around 9k miles and see middle America. No problems. Our 195RB has been wonderful. OK, the escape window handle needs a valcro strap. The cabinets over the sink will open with bumps so we valcro them closed.
I paid $18k out the door hitch and all and we have had 3 wonderful years and counting.
Are we whining people? Come on. Have you looked at what Airstreams cost?
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Old 10-07-2018, 08:59 AM   #24
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I FEEL YOUR PAIN. SO many things have fallen apart in my 2017 Alpine 3401RS that I've lost track of them. I've been lucky with the third party components, (I did have to have one hydraulic jack replaced), but the interior and exterior of the RV has had many things just fall apart due to design, poor construction, insufficient fasteners, etc., etc. Just got back from a 3 week cross country drive, and same deal. One interior door hinge pulled out (screws too small), one set of roller shades fallen (again, small screws), etc. I also have a problem with plumbing leak inside, and I think a failing selector valve in the water bay. Good luck and make sure you take a good tool set with you on your travels! (Hope you're handy with DIY's!)

Your dealer service story is one that is repeated time and time again in this and other forums. Actually, the dealer I purchased from has been bought by Camper World, and based on my first experience with them this past week, it's a change for the worse.... but we'll see.
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Old 10-08-2018, 05:23 PM   #25
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Well, I took the Passport back to the dealer last Friday to have the issue with them driving screws into the electrical wiring repaired, and the battery was running down in about two days also, from full to dead. I didn't think that issue was caused by them driving screws into the wiring, because I'd taken the screws out and everything was working again...but who knows.

The tech thought it could be a bad cell in the battery...it sat dead at their dealership for a couple weeks while they were putting in the underbelly..but the Service Manager said that wouldn't kill the battery unless it froze. I'd read otherwise in these forum and others. They called me Saturday morn to say it was done, but I was going out of town so couldn't pick it up until today.

Today, I picked up the trailer. The techs are off on Mondays, and the Service Manager had absolutely no idea what they did to fix the thing. Had no idea if wires were replaced or spliced. No idea if battery issues were addressed. No idea about anything...only that it was "done". This has been the experience with the Service Manager all along...He's utterly clueless. Turns out the "salesman" I'd purchased from was the General Manager of the dealership. All he could tell me was that the tech had found where the screw went into the wire and "fixed it". Couldn't tell me how. He had no idea about the battery issues.

What an outfit.

Anyway, it SEEMS everything is working so far. I looked underneath the trailer to see if anything was different as far as I could see...it looks to me that they drove the screws along the power line run in on a angle now...To miss the wiring? That's no heartwarming.

I don't know what to think. I'm pretty disgusted with the whole thing. Lack of professionalism. Lack of information. Takes forever to get work done. $20K and to feel this way?

At this point, I don't feel I'll ever buy new again. I don't expect this with new products.

I'm holding off on naming the dealership, because I want to talk to the actual tech who worked on it to find out what he did. I THINK he's an honest guy, at least that's how he's come across so far. If I'm comfortable with his explanation, I'll be happy. But I'm not happy now.

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