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Go back to the Tundra.

Rick and Sandy
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Nose High

This has become a common problem in recent years with the increase in truck bed heights. We recently went through a similar situation. We purchased a 2017 F250 Super Duty only to discover that our existing 5er would result in a 10" nose high condition. To make a long story short, most of the suggestions related to flipping axles, adding subframes and springs, etc. were generally unsafe alternatives. To make matters worse, manufacturers of 5ers have not kept pace with the increase in bed heights. The good news is, there are some 5ers that have an overhang clearance that, when coupled with the proper 5er hitch, will result in an acceptable match.

In our case, we ended up finding a Keystone Sprinter that had an overhang height that would work with a hitch set to its lowest setting. The short answer is, you may need to return to the Tundra as sarcastically suggested, or bite the bullet and match a different 5er and hitch combination to your new truck. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Just be careful at the dealer, they mostly exhibit a dazed look and claim no knowledge of the nose high problem. It is, I assure you real. So, hook up and check before you close the deal. At the least - measure, measure, measure!!!

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Update on Nose High

I just found something I prepared last year on the Ford Truck site with more detail regarding nose high. Thought I would post it since it is a more complete explanation.

Well folks, here is an update to the issue raised by this thread. Hopefully my summary will help other new (2017, 2018 etc) buyers with the same problem.

The issue of pairing a 5th wheel with a "modern" truck is becoming more of a definite problem as a result of inadequate communication and conflicting consumer interests for the auto and RV industries.

The following table lists Ford truck bed rail heights for various years:
2008 - 2010: 54.5"
2011 - 2014: 55.1"
2015 - 2016: 56.0"
2017 - 2018: 59.2"

Older 5ers have overhangs in the 55" range while most of the newer ones fall into the 60" area. There are a few 5ers that have overhangs higher than 60" but you need to search them out. The overhang value is not listed in RV specs so you need to actually level the unit and measure the overhang of a unit you are interested in.

I have spoken to truck and RV dealers and manufacturers. Truck manufacturers concede that trucks are taller primarily due to the look factor. RV dealers generally do not acknowledge there is any problem. RV manufacturers are aware of the issue but solutions have been slow in coming due to engineering limitations resulting from (primarily height) specifications imposed by governmental agencies. Some manufacturers have sought solutions which make their 5th wheels just squeak by without having to implement expensive and unsafe solutions such as flipping axles, building sub frames, etc. Some 5er manufacturers now put axles below the springs to start with.

To make a long story short, the "solution" to my problem was solved as follows:

1. Demco Hijacker Autoslide Hitch (DM8550037) installed with under bed mount (DM8551009) and set to lowest height 15 1/2". This hitch was selected not only because it was an autoslide, but because it provided 3 vertical adjustments (which other autoslides did not). Note that the hitch needed to be installed with under bed rails. ISRs would have made the lowest vertical hitch height 1-1/2 higher at the lowest setting. This would have resulted in a nose high configuration.

2. 5er that fits perfectly (or just about level) is a Keystone Sprinter Copper Canyon model M-273FWRET. The overhang on this unit is 65" high at level! Imagine my surprise!

When connected to the truck, the approximate 1-1/2" drop of the bed from pin weight puts the overhang 6-1/2 inches over the side rails in a near perfect level.

I hope this summary and my trials help those of you purchasing a newer truck with bed rails near 60" high. Be prepared to do a lot of searching to get everything to fit. If you already own a 5er and it has 60" or less overhang, be prepared for nose up issues. If you decide to get a replacement 5er to go with your new truck, don't let the RV dealers assure you that whatever 5er you pick will "work." Insist on (or be sure to) hook up and check before signing on the dotted line.
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Originally Posted by McMillent82 View Post
I have a Keystone Springdale 2011, 27ft. I have been pulling it with a Toyota Tundra. I just upgraded to a Dodge Ram 2500 that sits quite a bit higher, and the 5th wheel now rides nose high. Going over a few dips and I have had the rear bumper scrape the ground. I'm sure I need to make a adjustment, but need some advice on what I need to do. Tom
Checkout trailerblocks.com
Had same problem going from a 2012 f350 to a 2017 F 350
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Originally Posted by Local150 View Post
Go to some place that has a truck scale,, then put bot trailer axles on the scale,, then pull it to where there is only one axle on the scale, subtract one from the other and you have weight on each axle
If you pull onto a regular truck scale all five axles can be weighed simultaneously and the receipt will show what each axle is carrying.

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5th wheel

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