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We went for new. I started researching used trailers and a) couldn't find a floor plan that inspired me and b) there wasn't a significant difference (IMO) in the prices unless you went with trailers that were 6 or more years old. Looking through the forums at the problems people were having with trailers, new and old, I decided to go new and see what turned up. Also, at some point, Keystone switched over from wooden wall frames to aluminum wall frames. That struck a chord with me for a) weight saving, and b) rot resistance.
Another question to ask yourself is: Metal outside walls or Filon? Personally, I prefer the Filon. When I looked at all those individual silicone joints at the corners of the trailers with corrugated metal sides, all I could see was the potential for leaks.

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We had similar thoughts as Scott ^^^. The aluminum framing for weight and rot-resistance and single-sheet panels for exterior walls to minimize leaks (both highly recommended to us by other family members who camp). Disadvantages for the single-sheet panels: can't replace a single strip if the panel is damaged - the whole side must be changed, and delamination. We haven not had either of these issues (though the latter has been discussed elsewhere on the forum) but it may be something to consider. We looked at used (private seller) and decided the risk for potential problems wasn't worth the small saving they were offering in sales cost. When the DW saw the floor plan of our purchased-new TT she decided this was the one.

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The first 2 campers we bought were used. They were cheap and had some problems. Our thoughts were if we didn't like camping or found we didn't have the time that we wouldn't waste a great deal of money. After that we bought new as the units themselves, floor plans, weight for vehicle at the time, and other factors were considered. No one can recommend what's best for you. You must decide what fits your budget and needs.
Good luck in your search and have fun searching.
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Our first two were used. Has some problems but nothing major. Thing to remember is that TTs are by their very nature built so that YOU will be doing a lot of upkeep. If the person you are buying used from knows this then better chance they kept up on it. Things to look for: Was the TT stored outside or under a roof? How do the tires look? And here be looking for the manufacture date, not just if they have tread. TT tires typically wear out long before their tread does. Does the floor feel "spongy"? (avoid that one) Is the ceiling inside "bubbled" (another thing to avoid). What condition is the battery in? In other words how well maintained is this "tool" ?

So we did OK with both our used and so we bought new this fall. BUT, I am fully aware that buying 'new" does not absolve the serious RVer from still having to be mechanically inclined. It IS NOT like buying a new car.

But the reason we did was so that once something was "fixed" I would know it is done right and can move onto the next issue. I even built a pole barn just to house my new purchase a year before we bought it. It WILL BE the last TT I buy this side of the grave.
Good Luck and have fun looking. Don't be in a hurry.


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Another thing to consider when buying used (but also applies to new TTs) is that every time you tow your little house on wheels down the highway, it undergoes the equivalent of a hurricane and an earthquake. Given that they are built to be as LIGHT as possible, expect that there will be issues you'll need to attend to. Buying used, it might not be so easy to find out if the previous owner looked after the things that come loose or break during towing. Also, it won't be easy to discern the state of the bearings and brakes unless you (or someone doing an inspection for you) mucks in and gets their hands dirty. But do ask about those things and if the owner hedges or evades the question, say "bye bye".

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