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Originally Posted by JRTJH View Post
EVERY campground and EVERY location have different services available. Many 'full time campgrounds" in cold weather states have "pump out services" available. Some do not. I've never heard of or seen a "dry camping only area" in any state forest or state park campground" that provides that service. I know that you'll not find "comprehensive waste fluid support" as a matter of fact upon which you could depend. Just because one campground in Arizona has a contract with a "pump out service" doesn't mean that all the campgrounds in Michigan's State Park system will provide that same service.

It depends more on whether the contractor can make enough money to justify the cost of equipment and "turn a profit". In some areas, maybe he can, in some areas, maybe he can't, in some areas, he'll "clean up" (pun intended) and in some areas, no way he'd ever get a return on his investment.

Short answer: Every campground and every camping region will be different based on supply and demand, local regulations and availability of contractors who can offer the service.
I was fishing for a biz idea for a friend of mine that moved to Yuma. Wasnt sure if it was something already out there or not. We were dry camping in a NF campground for 2 weeks last summer and portable toilet company went through the camp ground and offered pump outs. Seemed like a good but smelly way to earn some cash.

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Originally Posted by Fishsizzle View Post
I was fishing for a biz idea for a friend of mine that moved to Yuma. Wasnt sure if it was something already out there or not. We were dry camping in a NF campground for 2 weeks last summer and portable toilet company went through the camp ground and offered pump outs. Seemed like a good but smelly way to earn some cash.
The first step would be for your friend to contact the National Forest Ranger's Office that's responsible for that campground or that NF region and ask whether there are regulations that allow/prohibit such business enterprise. The federal government works in "strange and mysterious ways" in many areas. He may find that there are no restrictions and he can "set up business" with no NF oversight. On the other hand, he may find that he has to be a "licensed, federal contractor" to even bid on getting permission for such services. Then again, he may find that there are laws prohibiting any and all "sewage liquids" in that "Federally managed area"..... Anyway, the first step would be contacting the NF management for that area.


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Originally Posted by mikz86ta View Post
We full time too. I used Scott RV but found Cottonelle is softer on the booty and dissolves faster. Why pay more for a gimmick. Look for any Septic Safe logo on TP. There's a few YouTube demo videos on trying out different brands of TP and their dissolve rates.
Ours I seldom see solid paper or solid chunks of poop come out. I have a clear elbow for viewing pleasure....lol. Unless of course the toilet was just used before the dump ceremony. Most poop will start to break down as will the paper fairly fast. Test yourself like they do on the YouTube videos to see.
I also do the Geo Method. Google it. It's just a alternative to the store bought additives. Basically a water softener which will aid in the water flowing out and break down of solids....the way I read it. A detergent to clean and freshen it. I use Borax and we'll. It makes the water super slippery and cleans well also.
I tried the different additives like the TSP stuff. Didn't see much difference from using them as. not using them. Saw better performance from the Geo Method. And of course I try to do the Black Flush system that came on the RV once a month.

Hope this helps
What is the recipe for your geo method Im interested in using something less expensive than standard blue liquid from walmart
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Well time to add our two cents to this we have been only ful timing about 18 months, but also full timed for summers for three years before that. The only time we have had issues is when DD grind would visit. She tended to use too much paper and not enough water. So we wold need to do a deep flush. I have noticed that since we have gotten our Dometic 320, we fill the black tanks faster as the larger bowl means you naturally use more water.
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I am not a fulltimer, but read this thread with great interest. I also enjoyed the humor!

FWIW, I dump a good amount of cheap laundry soap (maybe a quart or so) into the black tank after dumping, along with a fair guzzle of water. My good cousin clued me in on the flush system on our 21RBS, so now, with a spanking new 22RBS, I will be sure to keep flushing.

We use a pickup with a cap to pull the trailer. I keep a 45 gal. DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tank in the back for black water and carry a macerator. I also keep a 25 gal clean water tank in the back and use a small "whizzer" 12V pump to water the trailer, if necessary.

We made 5000 miles last summer and only had to use the macerator but once. Darn handy setup to have and costs very little weight. I usually carry some water in the truck tank, maybe 10-15 gallons. I have the clean water tank in the truck set up so I can hook a garden hose off a hydrant to fill it and with a couple of valves, can fill the trailer from the tank with no fuss.

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black tank, tank

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