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Full timing and black tank issies

Iím relatively new to full timing and I love it so far! Iíve run into a little hiccup. My black tank seems to be only draining the liquid, not the solid matter unless it is flushed out. Iíve been using the Scott RV toilet paper only. Any suggestions to fix this? Flushing the tank once a week is a little bit of a pain. The tank is closed unless Iím draining it.

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Congratulations on becoming a full timer!

You may balk at this suggestion, but don't put any kind of toilet tissue in the holding tank. I've boondockwd five months of the year for the last three years. The best decision I've made in regard to maintaining the black tank was to quit flushing toilet tissue. I have a one pound yogurt container with a solid lid that is lined with a dollar store diaper disposal bag. Toilet tissue goes in the container. When the bag is full I remove it, tie it off, and it goes in the garbage and the garbage goes out. Your own waste will dissolve in about 24 hours, especially if you put 2 ounces of TSP in the tank after you have emptied it. Always start with about five gallons of water in the tank so solids have something to dissolve into and are not landing on the bottom of the tank.

Good luck finding a solution that works for you.



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Julie - we don't full time but we do spend 5 months at a time in the RV. As was mentioned, always put water in the tank when you dump before you start using it. When using it always run PLENTY of water to make sure all solids have lots of water to support and transport them out of the drain. We've not found that the TP makes a huge difference if you have plenty of water - they don't have time to really break down in 3-4 days. We also put tank deodorant in along with a couple of healthy squirts of Dawn dishwashing liquid to "smooth" things up for draining. Dumping every week can be a pain; we dump the morning of every 4th day (I don't like navy showers) so we are used to it.
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One thing that seems to make a difference is how fast your tank drains. If it drains too slow some solids may settle before being washed out with the flow. The sewer hose support systems seem to help maintain a higher flow until the tank is empty, other wise you'll end up lifting the hose several times to get it to drain completely. Many black water tanks also have a flush water fitting on the opposite side of the drains, use it in addition to the gray water flush. It doesn't hurt to use extra tank treatment, this helps break down any solids. I love having a bathroom in my RV but use a public toilet for solids when available.
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Originally Posted by JulieLeah15 View Post
Iím relatively new to full timing and I love it so far! Iíve run into a little hiccup. My black tank seems to be only draining the liquid, not the solid matter unless it is flushed out. Iíve been using the Scott RV toilet paper only. Any suggestions to fix this? Flushing the tank once a week is a little bit of a pain. The tank is closed unless Iím draining it.
Are you sure only liquid waste is being drained? It is very possible that the solids have broken down enough that what appears to be only liquid is actually everything liquified. Like was said, be sure to run plenty of water each flush, and yes, draining the black tank can be a nuisance, but that is part of the deal, and flushing the black tank just keeps things working. There are some very good tank additives that can increase the speed the waste breaks down, and we use TankTechsRx, but there are others that others swear by.
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My friend where traveling with now he got the dreaded pyrdment in his holding tank it took a week to brake it loose . He now users a lot of water and dumps a lot less often ane we neither put paper into the tank . We use a lot of Wal-Mart bags. I also put a velve at the drain end and back flush with grey water .
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We've fulltimed for 10 years & NEVER had black tank issues, even flushing toilet paper. We can go 5 to 7 days before dumping & always rinse thru the black flush connection til it runs fairly clear. The key is to use plenty of water, so called tank treatments don't stay in the tanks long enough to break down solids completely.
I'm sorry Keith, but the day I start collecting used toilet paper in a yogurt tub rather than flush it down the toilet is the day I'm done rving. Draining/flushing the black tank is the worst part of rving, but I'd have to say not flushing the tp & dealing with it in a tub has to be way more disgusting to me.
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I've had no issues flushing Scott rv tp in 4 years full timing using ample water and frequent flushing of the black tank. I have read before where some foreign object has gotten in the tank during construction and can block the outlet partially or fully. Is it possible an object got flushed without your knowledge? Is it a direct handle to waste gate or a remote handle with cable in between? Could the cable be causing the gate not to open fully?
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"only draining the liquid, not the solid matter unless it is flushed out."

It was explained to me early in our RV life that the secret to properly maintaining the black tank is to treat it like you do the bowl. Lots of water to rinse everything down. In other words you have to flush out the tank.
When we dump the black tank we first fill it with water via the internal tank rinser. If your trailer isn't equipped with this feature then just fill the tank by holding the flush pedal down until the tank is full. When you open the dump valve you'll be flushing the tank just like when you flush the bowl. I usually do this a couple times to be sure the tank is as clean as possible.
Yes, it's a bit of a pain, but the alternative is worse. Even the city has to flush out the sewer system every so often for the same reason. Solids will build up and harden if you don't.
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We full time too. I used Scott RV but found Cottonelle is softer on the booty and dissolves faster. Why pay more for a gimmick. Look for any Septic Safe logo on TP. There's a few YouTube demo videos on trying out different brands of TP and their dissolve rates.
Ours I seldom see solid paper or solid chunks of poop come out. I have a clear elbow for viewing pleasure....lol. Unless of course the toilet was just used before the dump ceremony. Most poop will start to break down as will the paper fairly fast. Test yourself like they do on the YouTube videos to see.
I also do the Geo Method. Google it. It's just a alternative to the store bought additives. Basically a water softener which will aid in the water flowing out and break down of solids....the way I read it. A detergent to clean and freshen it. I use Borax and we'll. It makes the water super slippery and cleans well also.
I tried the different additives like the TSP stuff. Didn't see much difference from using them as. not using them. Saw better performance from the Geo Method. And of course I try to do the Black Flush system that came on the RV once a month.

Hope this helps

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black tank, tank

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