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Mad Cow
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Originally Posted by Snoking View Post
To carry that step one further, why stop at a 250/2500 if getting a diesel, they are heavy and with a Max GVWR of 10K they have a limited payload.
Yeah, if I was going diesel, I would probably just go on to the 1 ton variety. I guess it really depends on what one is trying to accomplish.

A gasser 3/4 ton will go well beyond anything the best 1/2 ton can accomplish..... in both payload and towing capacity. Even with two people and a few hundred lbs of gear on board my gasser 2500, I still have about 2300 lb of payload capacity left.

And that was the point. If one is looking at a 1/2 ton, which most are gassers anyway, why not just bypass the 1/2 ton and move onto the 3/4 ton. For instance, the most capable 1/2 ton that GM offers is the 6.2L variety. Yeah, numbers on the motor look good, but it requires premium fuel to get the most out of it. And even then, it doesn't match a GM 6.0L 3/4 ton gasser in either payload or towing capacity. And anyone can find a GM 3/4 ton, any day of the week, for thousands less in cost than a 6.2L 1/2 ton. And speaking still of GM, the new 6.6L gasser in the 2020 2500/3500 will knock the socks off of the 6.2L in the 1/2 ton, will only recommend regular 87 fuel unlike the Ecotec 6.2 recommendation of premium, and will likely still be thousands less than a 6.2L loaded 1/2 ton.

And the max GVWR of 10K for a 2500/250 has to do with the class it is in, not the power plant. 10K is the max limit GVWR for a 2500/250 per regulatory requirements. And yet, a comparable spec'd 3500/350 SWR has a very similar payload as a 2500/250. One has to move into the DRW variety to substantively move beyond the 10K.

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Just to add my 2 cents... I have said I hardly know it’s back there now because I am comparing the TT being towed by my previously inadequate vehicle. I fell for the Durango will tow 7,000 lbs crap the salesman fed me while looking at the Cruise Lite. I drove 10 miles to my house, unhooked and called around for a 2015 Ram 1500 with 3.92 gears, trailer brakes, and a hemi. That was a night and day tow! Fast forward 2 years and I upgraded to a 2500, 4wd, Cummins and once again immediately felt the difference. I was thinking that I could upgrade to a 5er one day but there is so much to check off in the “wants” box I don’t think it is capable of pulling what we could get. I will day I hardly notice it but that’s comparing to the SUV.

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My F250 was cheaper new than a new F150 with less payload. Both XLTs with the F150 having the max payload.

Sitting at the campfire now. Looking around and all but one other TV is within spec for the rig they are pulling IMO. Some excessively and they have no clue.
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Originally Posted by TYHLR View Post
I have a 3500 DRW GMC pulling a 3602 Raptor that weighs in at 15K.

For the "i don't even know that it is back there" crowd, i say BS. My TV is more than ample to pull my 5vr and I can tell you that you always know that is is back there. Whether it being going up or down hills/mountains, towing in crosswinds, being passed by a semi or my frequent stops for diesel fuel. Yea, anyone that tows know that the trailer is back there, regardless if the complete tow rig is in spec or not.

I am of the opinion that anyone that makes that statement is simply attempting a defense mechanism for knowing that they are towing outside the parameters of the rig that they are operating. Just my 2 cents.
Sorry I stand by my statements in post #34.
The "I don't even know it's back there" is relative the items you state if pulling a 5er, there is something wrong with your setup!
I can say I never noticed a semi passing going either way at me or passing me. Down hills, PacBrake I would see cars and trailers in a sea of brake lights ahead of me, and just listing to the rumble of the PacBrake, never touching the service brakes.
Yes, I knew it was back there on climbs, as I needed to drop a gear to 4th (direct) with the 5 speed manual, and put my foot in it a bit. This is with a 12,500# 5er and a 2001 Ram 2500 with 3.55 gears. With the current 2016 Ram 3500 DRW, I need to check the mirrors often.
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Is my Pathfinder enough

I just bought my first camper and I'm concerned that our Pathfinder isn't enough to pull it. The 2016 Pathfinder is rated for 5000lbs. The Travel trailer is the Bullet 2070 which has a dry weight of about 3800lbs. I have weight distribution on it and it ran pretty smoothly.

At 65mph we were at around 3500 rpms. Is this typical and acceptable? I thought buying the lightweight 3800lb trailer would be ok for a towing vehicle rated at 5000lbs.

I should also mention that we are in Florida, so not many inclines and declines.

Please advise.
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Mike, that's a very common issue. There is a lot of good education on towing capacities in this forum.

The issue isn't "can it pull this trailer?" but rather "should it pull this trailer?"

Your trailer has a GVWR of 5400 lbs...that's the number to look at. I think you're destined to straining your Pathfinder under that load. You would be well served to get a 1/2 ton truck with a larger motor.

Welcome to the forum and good travels
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Lee & Marsha S

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Started life as RV'ers with 2016 Silverado 1500 but learned early on that this would be too small for our TT. Bit the bullet and traded for 3500HD. Best decision of RV life so far. Plenty of room for ease of mind traveling now. Sour medicine to have to take but worked.

Safe travels!!

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