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Originally Posted by kjohn View Post
I'm not sure if I should stick my head up or not, but here goes. Is a this 4G LTE option available so people can watch tv or use the internet or both? My wife and I don't watch tv when we are trailering. When we want to get on the 'net, one of use uses our iPhone as a hotspot and away we go. If there is no cell service...simple...we don't get on the net.

I don't mean to invite any trouble, just curious. If a person did install the available router, etc., does that mean we would get tv reception anywhere??
No you would not it is simply for data coverage a 4g LTE WiFi service

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Originally Posted by Jonnyjuno View Post
No you would not it is simply for data coverage a 4g LTE WiFi service

Thank you! Our cell phone plan gives us unlimited data, but apparently slows down after we hit certain magic number. Most of our internet use is basically text, as opposed to movies.

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The word "UNLIMITED" gets a bit ambiguous these days. Some phone companies use UNLIMITED talk, text and data but the data part is for the phone only. As soon as you turn the phone into a mobile hotspot, the UNLIMITED doesn't apply. How many folks stream movies on their phone? We had AT&T and used a mobile hotspot to provide internet to the computers for a couple years. We were on a 35 gig data plan and it was super expensive. Go over and they charged $10 per gig of data over. My missus pays the bills so her name was on the account and AT&T called her and offered UNLIMITED talk, text and data for a lot less than we were paying. New plan! So she signed up. The next day, when I turned the hot spot on, I found it no longer worked as that plan meant phone only data. When she called up to complain this wasn't explained, they said for her to go to some web page for plan fine print details and we couldn't get back on the 35 gig a month plan at the old price. We then dropped the hotspot internet and went with satellite internet (we live rural).

Anyone considering some phone plan, read the fine print before jumping as the word UNLIMITED doesn't mean exactly that anymore.
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Verizon prepaid unlimited for the Jetpack is truly unlimited in regard to no data caps after a certain number of gigs. They do tell you though that you may be "de-prioritized" during times of congested network traffic. I've been using mine at work everyday for the past couple of weeks and speed tests on my Samsung tablet have been pretty consistent in the upper 30s to low and mid 40s down speed. I'm thrilled to say the least. BTW... this is on one of the new Jetpack 8800L units.
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Cell phone companies are just that: Cell Phone Companies. They sell communications devices that focus on what we consider cell phones and smart phones. You can see that for yourself by walking into any "cell phone provider's store". There are racks and racks of displays of cell phones and smart phones, tablets and now watches/wrist worn smart phones. Back in the corner, you'll find the Jet Pack/Hot Spot (or whatever that company calls their modem/WIFI devices). They aren't "up front where they hit you in the face" like the $1200 Apple's latest.......

From a "sell every bit of tower capacity" and "wring out every byte of tower capability" (maximize profits) they have come up with access plans (read that as product selling where the product is information flow).

Their main focus is on mobile communications, texting, voice and download streaming on the singular device. That's what they "support consistently" and they've found a way to "make money off the excess tower capacity" by selling it as "internet connectivity for computer devices" (read: Jet Pack/Hot Spot).

The priority is to support smart phones, so when tower capacity becomes saturated, they start turning off (slowing down) the lowest priority devices. That's the Jet Pack/Hot Spot devices. Throttle them back to keep "seamless support for mobile communications"....

Some locations have overlapping towers, larger capacity and seemingly unlimited capacity. Using a Jet Pack in one of those areas can offer "no slowdown of download".... Then there are those areas (like where we live) that have sparsely placed towers with older technology (read: less capacity) where the cell phone providers can barely keep up with the smart phone/cell phone usage. Connect a Jet Pack/Hot Spot to one of the towers in this area and you'll get "throttled back" around 4PM and stay at less than 600 megs download speed until about 1AM. Then the speed picks up significantly until about 8AM when it slows again until about 1PM when you get good download speeds until about 4PM and the cycle starts over again.

Go 15 miles east of our house and the download experience is entirely different, they have more towers, more overlapping and more capacity. That also, is in a much denser populated area.....

So, in places where there are lots of towers and lots of capacity, cell phone data is available without slowdown. Not so much in rural areas where most campgrounds are located. When you get "excellent service" at home and at work, you may not find that same "satisfying download experience" at a campground where you're running on a small generator to power your laptop and the kids want to watch a movie. Streaming in that type of situation will probably be much less satisfying than at home, in the suburbs of a larger city/population area.

So, essentially


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