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Good quality LED's are not necessarily expensive. Some may be defective, but the price is not an indicator of whether they will be reliable. I bought 20 of the ones in this picture in 2010 and have transferred them from one RV to another and have not yet had any failures. I did have one array that started blinking when hot (3 individual LED's on a panel of 48) and I switched it to different light fixture and it has worked since then. Possibly a defective circuit board or a loose solder joint?

For whatever reason, it now works and no failures in 7 years. They were $18 for 10, so $1.80 for each one. My investment of $36 for 20 would have cost $240 at $12 each. Quite a savings, in my view. I realize not everyone wants to (or needs to) buy with discretion, but, there are reliable LED assemblies available without paying $12 each. Your views may differ......
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